Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Thursday Theme Song: there is nothing...

I had a different song all set to post for this week's
Thursday Theme Song
but for Wednesday's challenge I posted about my all-time favorite movie for the writers' group Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, and decided to feature a song from that movie instead.

The lyrics of this song I chose for TTS reminded me that my husband plans to watch the Super Bowl this weekend. So, guys, this one's for you:


There is nothing like a game
Nothing in this world—
There is nothing you can name
That is anything like a game.
Now suppose the game ain't great
Or completely free from flaws,
Or exciting as a sky-dive
Or a gift from Santy Claus,
It's a waste of time to worry
Over things that they have not,
Be thankful for the things they've got!
There are no books like a game
And nothing looks like a game
There is no drink like a game
Or makes you think like a game—
There ain't a thing that's wrong with any man here
That can't be cured by putting him near
An exciting football end-of-the-season game!


Kay said...

Too too perfect, Kay! My son and husband are sports fans too. Me, uh uh. I did love South Pacific though.

SquirrelQueen said...

That is definitely a great song for Super Bowl weekend. I love what you did with the lyrics Kay, it's perfect.

Lighthousegal said...

Love what you did with this song. Perfect for the upcoming Game. I am not a big sports fan. My husband is not a big sports fan either, but does enjoy watching a football game every now and then. I do like watching the Super Bowl for the commercials!

Friko said...

Well then, does that mean you'll get the day off? Or do you have to watch too?

Kay L. Davies said...

@ Friko — Have to watch? Heavens, no. I'm going to hide in the back bedroom with a book. Hopefully I'll fall asleep!


Perfect for this time of year!!! I love it.

Oh, and scanning through your previous posts before Camera Critters...I LOVE Lindy and the sky watch!!