Sunday, February 26, 2012

Winter arrives here at last!

Early-morning photos, which would have been sunrise shots if the sky hadn't been thick with cloud, show winter is not finished with us on the prairie. It might even have just begun.
Lindy and I will not be driving to the airport in the snow and the dark this evening to fetch Dick, who has been away for 9 days on his company trip with his daughter Randi. They had a super time in the Dominican Republic, and now they're coming home to snow, snow, and more snow. Do you hear a faint hint of gloating in my tone? You just might be right. LOL
Photo taken through the iced-over back storm door. These feathery ice patterns won't last long if the air warms up. And yes, that big lump hanging from the wire is snow, and I'll have to knock it down.
Dick's hot tub wears a cap of snow and a necklace of little icicles.
Of course, the ornamental crabapple tree attracted deer when Lindy and I weren't looking, as evidenced by the hoofprints they left after their dance was done (above, and below).
©  Photos by Kay Davies, February 26, 2012.
The neighbors across the street had their car out, but my car stayed home, like a good little car.


aka Penelope said...

There is something a little wistful about seeing a foot of snow on a hot tub but I like the “necklace of icicles” you described so well. Looks like winter has stepped in with a vengeance. And it looks like Dick is coming back just in time do the shoveling!!

Frances Garrood said...

That top photo is amazing. It looks just like blue damask! Beautiful.

Powell River Books said...

We got an unexpected flurry today. It lasted only thirty minutes, then the sun came out and it was all gone (except for a light dusting under the trees) in another thirty minutes. I called it a flurry in a hurry. - Margy

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Wonderful photos. I feel cold just looking at them. :)

Ebie said...

That's a lot of snow Kay. I wish it snowed in at Yosemite, a few weeks ago, I would not have cancelled our trip. Would be fun taking lots of photos.

Good choice keeping the care indoors.

Sallie ( said...

So did poor Dick have to walk home in the snow? ;>) Lovely winter pictures. (But all things considered I think I'd choose the Dominican Republic!)

Leslie said...

that's a LOT of snow! (i don't really want snow, but i wouldn't mind a bit of cool weather... it's been warm and humid here, AGAIN.)