Monday, February 6, 2012

Limerick Off: my first try

It is Monday, time for this week's Limerick Off at Mad Kane's Humor Blog, where Madeline writes a limerick and asks writer-bloggers to write one of their own using the same first line. Minor changes to the first line are allowed, as long as the rhyme remains the same.
This is my first submission to this challenge, and I enjoyed it so much my limerick turned into a three-stanza poem. The first line, however, is the same, as per the rule, and the following stanzas follow the same subject, with an almost-repetition of the first line at the beginning of the third stanza.


A fellow was way off his game
And nothing was ever the same
He could not find the ball
It was nowhere at all
So that was the end of his fame.
His number would not be retired
As a coach he’d never be hired
No, you can’t lead a game
Without talents the same
As those you have always admired.
Oh yes, he was way off his game
To fame he could not lay a claim
He’d not be in the hall
With the winners and all
Enshrined by the shirt with his name.

© Kay Davies, 2012


Leslie said...

Well, as the daughter of an Irishman I appreciate a good limerick :)

Pat said...

I can identify with this guy...If it's a game involving a ball, I'm terrible at it. This is a way cute and clever threesome of limericks, Kay.

I'd not asked Jerry for a Succinctly Yours story this week because I thought 4 would be too many, but due to all the fan requests, I asked him for his microfiction and he quickly whipped one out. He actually did not watch the SuperBowl as none of his teams were in it.

Susie Clevenger said...

Love these...I have tried writing them...mine

Laurie Kolp said...

This is great!

Lady In Read said...

love this limerick.. have always loved reading them.. but my trials at writing them have proved to be just that - real trials!!