Sunday, July 19, 2015

For shame, I've been gone too long

I promised Winnie and the cats at the blog The Chair Speaks that I would stop procrastinating and post this photo to my own blog.
It was taken after our dog Lindy had surgery last year. In fact, the photo is of Lindy napping with her mommy on New Year's Eve, 2014, so you can see how active we are around here (not very).
Thanks, Winnie, for the nudge into action.
And for those who know Lindy, she recovered wonderfully well and now, although not as active as she used to be, she is a happy, happy dog.

Richard Schear, photo
Just yesterday, we went to one of Lindy's favourite stores. She isn't allowed past the grocery-cart lobby at Costco, so she waits there with one of us while the other one shops. While I was sitting with her, she met a lovely little 7-month-old baby who had just started walking. She walked right up to Lindy, and received a dog-kiss, which thrilled her.
Lindy can't see any more, but she knows when someone is nearby, and is especially fond of young children. She sits still while they pat her, pet her, and hug her. She's a darlin' old girl, for sure.