Sunday, October 31, 2010

Many mellow yellows on our trip to Arizona

Top --Shopping in Sedona, Arizona, we saw these two piggies (javelinas, according to the sign) and several others displayed on the street.
Next photo -- I couldn't figure out how to get this furniture into my luggage to bring home from Sedona, so I had to leave them there. Sigh.
Above -- While in Arizona, we took in a Phoenix Suns game. It was great fun to see Canada's Steve Nash, playing point guard for the Suns (right, and at the free-throw line above).
Below -- We were also able to catch a spring training baseball game (LA Angels vs Seattle Mariners) while we were in Phoenix. Baseball fans enjoyed blue skies with filmy white clouds.

Photos by Richard Schear and Kay Davies.
Steve Nash photo, Wikipedia.  

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Microfiction Monday, after Halloween

The old witch had fun.
She'd made the moon a pumpkin, herself a child, and her old cat young.
Now, what was that thing in the bottom corner?

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Each week, Susan at Stony River posts a picture. The object is to write what you see in the picture in 140 characters or less, including punctuation and spaces. To count characters:
It's fun.
Come along, give it a try. Everyone sees the picture differently.

My friend Suzanne's idea:
Don't let this childlike gaze fool you.
I can turn you into a toad before you can say... what
oops sorry!
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shadow-shot Sunday is Halloween this year

On farms and in cities, some of the little ones who call me Auntie Kay, and some who call me Nana Kay, in Hallowe'en costumes of former years. I won't see this year's costumes until we get pictures in Monday's e-mail. Dick and I, with our dog Lindy, will answer when youngsters from our neighborhood knock at our door Sunday evening. Lindy will be happy to see everyone, and I know she won't bark!
Photos by friends and family.
Posted by Nana/Auntie Kay for Tracy's  Shadow Shot Sunday

Special thanks to Tracy at "Hey Harriet!" for choosing one of our Toledo, Spain, shadow shots for her collage of last week's photos. We feel quite smug --Kay and Richard

Costumed and carved Camera Critters

The big-eyed creature carved on a screen in the Hotel Posada Grande in Costa Rica is much larger than the carved person beside it!
The costumed characters on the left and below came out of the jungle night in the Mayan Riviera to show us what Mayan warriors were like. They were fierce!
Photos by Kay Davies,
Richard Schear
and Clint Davies
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Camera Critters

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Skywatching - ooohhh - before Halloween weekend

I dare you to walk over there,
he said.
I dare you to climb the fence.

I dare you to touch that tree,
he said.
I dare you to walk under here.

I dare you to turn off your light,
he said.
I dare you to walk in the dark.

I double-dog double-dog dare you, he said.
Then the lights went out, and he fled.

Photos by Kay Davies, posted for

Skywatch Friday before Halloween 2010

This is the new me...

    As you can see, I have changed the layout of my blog. I'm very excited about it, because I think it will give me more scope for photos and text.

    In the meantime, however, I have a question to ask. I've tried Google to no avail. It's a silly little question about a silly little problem, but it is annoying me.

    When I copy a verification word on someone else's blog or web page, my iMac wants to autofill it. Let's say the word is animate: okay, the computer remembers the word antler from two months back, and tries to put it in. (I've used real words in my examples, although real words hardly ever appear for verifications.)

   This is a very small problem, as I said, and has actually seldom resulted in a failure to verify, or whatever it's called when you type in the wrong word, but I find it very annoying. "Shut UP, computer, I know what I want to type, and that's NOT it!" You know the feeling.
    So I thought I'd include this question in my introduction to "the new me" just in case anyone has an answer.
Success!! The very first person to read my blog was my husband, who emerged from his office (two rooms away from my computer in the dining room) and showed me how to get rid of that autofill thing. Posting questions to my blog really works!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Martian tourist: Thursday Theme Song

Well I saw this 
thing comin' 
out of the skies.
It had four 
long legs, and 
two big eyes.
So I started
and I said 
It looked like
a Martian
to me. 
Well it came
down to earth
and it sat in a tree.
I said
Tourist Person,
dance with me!"
I heard it say
in a voice so high:
"I can't dance
with you, 'cause
I'm too shy!"

Photos by Richard Schear

Posted by Kay for Hootin' Anni's

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Magpie Tale for this week

Wherein the picture is provided by Magpie Tales
and the description,
in verse or in prose, is provided by the participants. 
Kipling could,
and would,
have dealt
with this
small piece
of tombstone,
in seven
and told
a full tale
of a full life lived and done.
But no one
was Kipling
but Kipling
just as
no one
is me
but I,
so instead
of wanting
to be him,
all I can do is try.
Julia, it says here, died in 1858,
in the cold end of November,
perhaps weather caused her fate.
Someone named Wilson loved her,
a husband, a parent, a friend,
who raised this stone above her,
to mark out her place in the end.
But, like her, the stone was broken,
in pieces it shows to us
a little, a fragment, a token
of Julia, now turned to dust.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

O is for OH! You scared me!

One of Dick's daughters managed to frighten us once when she mixed Hallowe'en animals with her Christmas decorations. We jumped, and said, "OH!" and the little grandsons laughed to think they were braver than Old grownups!
See the big O on the back of the second spider?

Photos by Richard Schear
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Oh! Look, there is no O in ABC. Or in Wednesday!

Monday, October 25, 2010

My World is scary on a Tuesday night

The wind is whistling through the trees,
A wind that started as a breeze
Is howling now instead of whistling,
And on my neck the hair is bristling!

What is that thing coming out of the sky?
I want to run,
but I can't! OH, my...

Photos by Kay Davies
Posted for My World Tuesday

Microfiction Monday reveals a royal no-no

Charles's mum doesn't like BBQs at Balmoral Castle but Camilla loves inviting her old school chums for beer, chicken legs and a swim.

Posted by Kay Davies

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Yellow sky and Halloween critters

Kinda creepy Halloweeny yellow sky down the road from our house last week.

Enlarge to see a big iguana, camouflaged on a small branch in Costa Rica.

Maybe this lizard's 'costume' scares the birds away from the food at Villa Decary, Costa Rica.

Photos by Kay Davies and Richard Schear
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Mellow Yellow Monday meme

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Restoration of Spanish church shows shadows

Beautiful shadow shots for Sunday, of a lovely church being restored in Toledo, Spain.
Dick took these pictures during a walking tour of Toledo on Christmas Day, 2008. I don't know about the whole city of Toledo, but where we were staying, everything was uphill, and then downhill again.  We did have a rental car, but by the time we had squeezed it into the hotel's underground carpark, Dick said he wasn't taking it out again until we checked out the next morning. So off he went, looking for food to bring back to me, but there were no stores open. Eventually, he found a souvenir shop that sold boxes of pineapple turnovers. So, for Christmas 2008, we had pineapple turnovers and water for lunch and dinner. The next morning our hotel had a lovely buffet breakfast waiting for us, however, so we squeezed the car out of the underground parking lot and went on our way, crossing the plain toward the Mediterranean coast.
Photos by Richard Schear.
Posted by Kay Davies for