Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekend Reflections riding a train

Photos by Kay Davies, copyright, 2011.

These photos were taken at the end of November, 2011, as I went to Oregon to visit my friend Maryann (whose photos I've used a couple of times on Weekend Reflections posts). The first I shot from the Amtrak station in Seattle, and the others I took from onboard, riding south on the Amtrak Cascades.

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kaykuala said...

Kay Ma'am
Sketch - Kindly see my email at



Powell River Books said...

I always like to see pilings from years gone by. Makes you wonder what it was like in the heyday. - Margy

Sylvia K said...

I do love to travel by train! Great shots for the day! Hope you have lovely weekend! Give Lindy a pat for Sam and I!


Lew said...

Compared to the water out your way, the creek is indeed a small amount of water. Unfortunately, with heavy rain the creek got much larger and did considerable damage. The grand view now is the result of a flood control project that created an underground path for flood waters and a nice park topside.

Dianne said...

the middle shot is especially lovely
very dramatic

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Nice shots.

Regards and best wishes

Sallie ( said...

Thanks for the Pacific Northwest memories!