Thursday, February 2, 2012

Book Blurb Friday: dead vines on bricks

Photo by Kathy Matthews

Each week, Lisa Ricard Claro, on her blog Writing in the Buff, posts a photo (this week by Oregon's Kathy Matthews, whose photos I always love) and challenges writer-bloggers to see the picture as the cover of a book. We must imagine what the book is about, then write a blurb of up to 150 enticing words to convince browsers to become buyers.

by Minnie Cooper
Almost all the ivy had died off early that autumn, which was just the way Cat Ralgrub liked it. She could see just where the pipes were, see which vines were the strongest, decide on a strategy, and then she could strike.
The building might look disreputable with its bricks covered in dead vines, but Cat knew the residents came from old money, and old money meant plenty of old silver, gold, and jewels.
Author Minnie Cooper is first off the mark with a book chronicling The Great Diamond Heist of ’09, as the papers called it, and she has created a perpetrator of such great skill, and such great charm, readers will forget it’s an unsolved case, and will be rooting for the perp.
125 words not including title and author


kaykuala said...

Great write! I've as yet to be taken up to writing such 'book covers'. Maybe in time I will!


nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Very clever, well written.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Kay! Love your names and, you are right, those walls do look prime for climbing. I like where your plot is headed, and of course I would love to read this book.

Yes, you sure can do all of that in San Antonio. You reminded me of another link that I just now posted. Here it is, you might have to copy and paste this, or just go back to my post:

I'm sure that you guys would love to visit San Antonio, it is really cool. And, it isn't a bit spooky. My book wouldn't really be either.

Have a great weekend,

Kathy M.