Thursday, February 23, 2012

Weekend Writers' Retreat: some nonsense

I have been ill, with a very sore throat and partial laryngitis. One of my brothers phoned and didn't recognize my voice. A friend phoned to offer me a ride and, as soon as I said "Hello," replied "Well, I guess you aren't going out anywhere, are you?"
It's been that kind of week, so it should be no surprise to find out I can't write anything much worth posting.
So, for this weekend's Writer's Retreat hosted by Grandma's Goulash, I found some photos in our archives and wrote a little rhymelet with which to accompany them, just to cheer myself up. While my husband's photos may have some artistic merit, please be warned: my poetics have none.
When I first moved to Alberta, I was delighted to see, distinctly, from many different prairie vantage points, the curvature of the earth.
Imagine my surprise, then, when my husband took the following two sunset photos, which definitely show the earth curving in the wrong direction, like a bowl instead of like a ball.

the earth was tilting on its axis
at the start of this new year
were the mayans right in practice
and not just in theorier?

© Photos by Richard Schear, January 2, 2012
Also posting for the word "old" (Mayans are very old)
and the old rules seem to be contradicted here, for our friend Gattina's
Weekend Photo Challenge


John said...

I hope you feel better soon. Those are some great "big sky" pictures your husband took, and don't shortchange your poetry - I liked it!

jabblog said...

Feel better soon, Kay.

chiccoreal said...

Dear Kay: Hope you are feeling better; i am like that too, what with the freeze thaw freeze weather. Guess you are use to the schnook (sp?) winds living out west. Lovely cloud pic; Mayan definitely.
I am hosting a Cloud Reading on FB please join us?To dispell the winter blues basically..see where it goes please Ja-Len Jones FB(open invite)

Leslie said...

well, your poetics have merit to me... they make me smile. but i'm not smiling over your continued illness. praying for you to be well, soon.

Powell River Books said...

I hope you feel better soon. So far we've been able to stay well this winter even though some of our friends have gotten bad colds and coughs. Nice sky shots. - Margy

Gattina said...

Feel better soon ! catching a cold is awful !

Sue said...

The Mayans are definitely old and wrapped in mystery. I enjoyed your blog entry. :)

Grandma's Goulash said...

Those pictures are gorgeous and your idea quite creative. Thanks for posting, even when you were feeling sick. Hope things are much improved for you now.