Thursday, February 16, 2012

Book Blurb Friday: doggone boat

Photo supplied as prompt

As part of his training as a Search and Rescue Dog, McGee had to learn where to put his feet on the forward end of a Zodiac so he could be first on the scene without falling into the water.
His rigorous water, fire, ice, snow, and drug training is the subject of Minnie Cooper's new non-fiction book, The Making of a Dachsie Hero. All predictions are for this book to hit the stands running and become an overnight bestseller.

81 words

Posted for Book Blurb Friday, the wonderfully fun meme wherein Lisa Ricard Claro posts a photo as inspiration to writer-bloggers. We are to imagine the photo as the cover of a book, then we are to imagine the book.
Right. Got it so far.
Okay, now we are allowed 150 words or less in which to write a blurb so compelling it will make buyers out of browsers. Above is my submission of 81 words so enticing no one will want to miss Minnie Cooper's latest work!
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TALON said...

lol, K! That is the perfect blurb. That dog looks so pleased to be on the Zodiac!

Lily Hydrangea said...

Hi Kay, nice job with the blurb. Look at this little guy-now that is a working dog.
& I would definitely buy this book!

Sandra Davies said...

'Doggone boat' - brilliant title! And I like the practical nature of this premise.

jabblog said...


Laurie Kolp said...

What an interesting concept. I'll have to look into that meme.

Grandma's Goulash said...

The blurb is short, but effective. I'm already loving the hero of this story.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Great blurb to back the photo of McGee. I love the idea of him being so heroic. And he's just so darn adorable, too!

Tammy said...

Wow--cute and talented, too! Great blurb!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

That is so cute! I would love to video all that training. I'm sure it would be a great bestseller.

Kathy M.