Friday, November 11, 2011

With Real Toads: evil fairy tales?

Princess and the Pea, and Blackbird Shores
images from, originator unknown,
supplied as prompts by Real Toads.

For the Friday Picture Prompt at the writers’ group Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, Kerry has offered two photos and asked us to take a familiar story-line and twist it up a bit, mix in something dark and haunting, or turn a favorite heroine or hero into a more plausible and fallible anti-hero.” Kerry also said she has read many inspiring poets, who have the creative ability to invent their own faerie tales.”

Neither of these things sound very much like me, or like my writing style, but I sat down and thought about good fairies and bad ones in folklore and literature.

There was the evil Queen Mab, with her amazing ability to appear once in English literature and almost immediately be taken up and featured in the works of many another writer and poet forever after.
And, of course, there’s always Tinkerbell.
There. You see. That’s how my mind works. Not a proper fairy tale in the whole heap, so the best I could come up with is this:

fairies, good and bad,
charm little girls,
and then—
little girls charm little men


Kerry O'Connor said...

I guess that's the whole trick to being glamorous!

Catfish Tales said...

But I think the 'rub' is little girls charm 'little men'. Who wants to charm little men? :) Bad faeries!

kaykuala said...

With a twist in storyline a fairy can go either way. Naughty fairies can be a bother to men down the relationship chain. Tells one to be wary all the time,really! Great verse!


Mary Ann Potter said...

Indeed a fitting commentary on the prompt! Made me smile. 8-)

Fireblossom said...

Well. There are all sorts of "charms", aren't there? *smirk*

Susie Clevenger said...

Nice one...I think you handled the prompt quite well :)

jabblog said...

Clever, Kay! I like the way your mind works.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Hee hee, good one! I got over it though!

Lolamouse said...

I was never particularly charmed by fairies-perhaps that why I was never particularly good at charming men!

Heaven said...

the last line is intruiging...i don't care much for charming little men

Dave King said...

Yup, that's the way things are!