Friday, November 18, 2011

Reflections abound in Catherine Palace

Reflections can be found everywhere, not only in the polished instruments of musicians outside the Catherine Palace in St. Petersburg, but also in the windows behind the musicians, as my husband found on this tour (I didn't go) during our August cruise in Russia with Viking River Cruises.
My intrepid photographer, whose humility is exceeded only by his modesty, likes nothing more than to take pictures of himself reflected in everything from chandeliers to mud puddles. The lower mirror, above, shows his feet in the blue slipperettes tourists wear to protect palace floors.
Thus protected from, and polished by foreign feet, the palace floors reflect the light.

© Photos by Richard Schear, August, 2011
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The chess set below is in the glass case above.

Catherine the Great, who called Catherine I's original palace "whipped cream architecture", had the Scottish architect Charles Cameron design three Neoclassical buildings for her, including the Cameron Gallery,  above, which still houses a collection of bronze statuary.


Martha Z said...

Beautiful and opulent, lovely for us to look at today but at what cost to the poor of the time. Perhaps the super rich of today could take a lesson from history.
How lucky for me today. No matter how busy my day, I try to visit the two bloggers on either side of my thumbnail and today I am nestled between two of my favorites.

Jo said...

What amazing beauty and what wonderful reflections. I love the information about tourists wearing slipperettes to protect the palace floor. Really neat. Have a great weekend, Kay, Hugs Jo

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wow. Such a sight to see. Amazing.

Francisca said...

Nice to look at, but ooh la la...! I can't imagine living in such opulence! When I visited Peles Castle in Romania I also had to wear those floor shining slippers, and I lost one of them about halfway on the tour!

Dorian Susan said...

Wow I loved seeing this post. I like that first shot, and that chess set is amazing. Such opulence inside that palace. I'm with your hubby on the selfie reflections. Not sure what that's about. Happy weekend Kay.

Kay said...

Wow! This is fantastic! What a great trip. I'd love to see this. Art likes to do that too with both of us in the photo OR he likes to take photos of us through glass cases and such. Sigh...

Linnea said...

Beautiful place. Thank you for sharing. Have a great weekend!

Sylvia K said...

Awesome place and captures to match! Hope you have a great weekend, Kay! Give Lindy a hug for Sam and I!


EG Wow said...

I'm overwhelmed by all that gold! Awesome.

Karen said...

Wow, a great tour!

jabblog said...

Many marvellous reflections here. It's hard to imagine people living in such opulence and yet many still do.