Friday, November 18, 2011

Coffee Klatch Friday: grateful for 7 things

Vicki, who hosts Coffee Klatch Friday on her blog The Tapestry of Life, asked us last week if we could post 7 photos today, showing 7 things for which we are grateful. Of course I'm grateful for my husband, for his daughters, and for their children who let me be an extra grandmother to them, as well as for my own extended family, most of whom are in British Columbia, but the photos aren't of them. Maybe another time.
I am very grateful we have Lindy, who will cuddle up to my feet when I'm in my computer chair.
I'm grateful for these shelves above my computer. On the top is an angel my best friend gave me, and to the right of it a photo of my late parents when they were 80. Below is their wedding picture, from 1946. The first of the two larger black & white photos is of me with my sister and brother the only year we were all teenagers: I was 19, he was 17 and she was 13. Then the two in sailor suits: my brothers: one was 20 and in the navy, and one 9 months and in diapers. I'm so grateful Mom had the youngest.
I'm grateful to have one tidy, pretty corner in our cluttered house, featuring the antique flip-front desk my dad bought me when I was 14. The dealer said it was 85 years old then. It's much older now. 
I'm grateful to have photos like this of the ornamental crabapple tree in our front yard, especially today with the season's first snowfall outside and the thought of many more to come.
I'm grateful for the juicer I bought at half price. Lindy and I are enjoying the juice. She loves the pulp that comes out the other side of the machine, so I give her some, and make soup with the rest of it.
I'm grateful we (might) have found a solution to the problem of Lindy refusing to go into her dog house. Really. She's had it for two years, as long as we've had her, but she won't use it. So we went outside and made a fort/cave space using the dog house as one wall and the shed as another. We're hoping she will discover, all on her own, that it's a good place to go to get out of the weather when we're not home.
Finally, I'm grateful to have these two fun photos of Mom and Dad when they still had enough vim and vigor to travel, camp, fish, and take photos for Dad's Living Rivers books.


Joyful said...

All good things to be grateful for. Old photos (or any photos) of loved ones and vintage furniture are all bring precious memories. The tree blossoms and fur kid bring love and joy; though I'm sure you put Lindy's photo in the category of photos of loved ones ;-)

Powell River Books said...

Nice things to be grateful for, but I am surprised. Lindy doesn't sleep in your bed (or at least bedroom)? Maybe you just mean to use her dog house when she is out romping in the yard. From all your posts I see Lindy almost as spoiled as John's Bro. - Margy

diane b said...

There are so many things to be grateful for. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving. Do you in Canada or is it just USA? I love how Lindy is your foot warmer. I hope she finds her shelter this winter. The crabapple is beautiful.

Gattina said...

I had a nice glance over your little favorite corners, and also your family !
I am back from Egypt now, and already gone to Amsterdam to celebrate Toby's first birthday.
After that I certainly need some rest !

Kay L. Davies said...

@Margy—Of course Lindy's bed is in our room. Dick straightens her sheet for her every night before she goes to bed, then she rearranges it to her liking. It's so cute to watch. I'm sure she's just as spoiled as Bro. We got her the dog house, then built her the cave in case the weather turns bad when we're not home and she's outside.

@Diane—In Canada we have Thanksgiving in October, but I'm grateful for most things all year, although not always the weather.

Linnea said...

That's a great list! Lindy is the cutest. Furry friends give us a little fur-flair in our lives we really need. They a good friends and good teachers.

Thank you for your pictures from Russia! I dream of Russia due to Balakirev and Tchaikovsky music. It was really interesting to see some actual photos taken by someone who went there to have a vacation.

Have a good weekend!!

ChrisJ said...

So glad to share all the things you are grateful for. Of course I looked for Lindy. Pets are funny when it comes to what they will accept and not accept as theirs. We have two really nice cushy velveteen beds for Scruffy (cat with a dog's name)in two different rooms. But he's not very excited about them. I put them out about a month ago when the weather turned cooler, but he's only been in each of them once for a nap. We have to leave him at the kennels for two weeks and it's going to be VERY hard to do. But we booked this vacation before we adopted him.I hope to continue blogging if they have WI-FI where we are going.

jabblog said...

Lovely memories, Kay. Photos are so precious, aren't they? I love the last photo of your parents holding up the fish they've caught - real whoppers!

Dimple said...

To be thankful for things which remind us of those we are glad to have had in our lives is to be doubly thankful, I think. You have seven photos, but many thanks!