Sunday, November 13, 2011

Camera Critters: black and white

Our dog Lindy has appeared in this blog many, many times, and a few times she has been seen conversing through the fence with one of the Portuguese Water Dogs she and my husband pass on their walk. Lindy and the male want to be friends, but the female gets very agitated when her roommate is seen talking to Lindy. Then the owners of these dogs bought a third Portuguese Water Dog, a young one. He also wants to be friends with Lindy. Now the female, instead of running around hysterically, has decided she is outnumbered by Lindy's friends, so she isn't going to make such a fuss any more. At least for now.

This is the youngster, who is rapidly growing until he's approaching the size of the other two.
The female, left, is checking out Lindy's conversation with the young fella.
Here's someone who doesn't want to be friends with Lindy at all, and, in fact, won't come down from this shed roof until Lindy is well out of the way. Looks a little uncomfortable, however!

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Thanks, Misty! Can't believe I'm late this week!
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Ms. Becky said...

I love the legs/fur on the female. but I love the kitty cat up on the roof more. he's being a Halloween kitty. happy Sunday to you Kay!

Cezar and Léia said...

Cute animals... Interesting white legs for the black dog...
God bless you!

Martha Z said...

Kitty doesn't trust an unknown dog. I wonder if the Portuguese Water Dogs share some heritage with the Newfie I saw this week. Both breeds are big, powerful and born to the water.

Phillip said...

I always thought it was Lindy's blog.

Inger-M said...

Cute dogs! :-)
Hope you had a great weekend!

Pat said...

Cute captures!

Powell River Books said...

This morning I was a little early to pick Wayne up at the Vancouver Airport. I spent the night in Steveston, so I went to the park at the mouth of the Fraser River. Lots of dog walking on the rocky paths. It made me think of the picture of Lindy on the rocky path the other day. - Margy

Leslie said...

The cat cracks me up!

Cheryl said...

Cats get comfortable in the most odd places.

Love those neighbor dogs. Glad ALL of them are starting to get along with your sweetie.