Monday, November 14, 2011

Open Link Monday: but no laundry

What did I do on Monday if I didn't do laundry? I took up my latest wild and exciting hobby—getting all juiced up.

juicing vegetables
generating healthfulness
celery, zucchini, 
cucumber, carrot,
bok choy and bean sprouts
I like it, dog loves it, husband hates the taste.
intriguing machinery
juice comes out one side
pulp out other side
dog loves the pulp but I’m saving it for soup.
next time apple
little bit of cantaloupe
(half a head
of lettuce—
to juices
just like that!)

The best I could do (because I hate to do nothing)
for Open Link Monday at
What could be easier than Open Link—just present a piece of my own writing and go to bed (yes, it's still Monday here) so I can lie awake all night wondering what everyone is thinking about that crazy Canadian lady who writes poetry about vegetables. Squished vegetables, too.

No, this isn't my dog, although she's a similar color. It isn't my husband, either. It's my new toad-shot. 


Jo said...

Ooh, I love juicing things. Immediately I read the first line, I thought, mmm, Lindy will love the pulp. I'm sure she had a teensy bit? No Kay you're not crazy; you're very very clever and inspire me to try even harder. Hugs Jo

Joyful said...

Good for you! You did the juicing thing. Somehow I'm not surprised your hubby doesn't like the juicing thing but I'm glad your dog loves the pulp.

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Yum, I love fresh juice, my favorite is carrot, apple and celery.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Haha! (I love the comments under the toad pic) Thanks, Kay, for always having something interesting to share on real Toads.

Reader Wil said...

I hav never seen many toads, but frogs I did see. To start with our Dutch frogs. Then there are the tree frogs in Australia. They are really beautiful! Once I had a toad in my garden and that was about the only wildlife on four legs I had! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. Have a great week! We had some frost last night. Winter is coming.

Phil said...

Don't get that toad in the juicer Kay, and look out for stuff that Lindy isn't supposed to eat, even though like most dogs she might wish to. For instance I read they shouldn't eat Broccoli.

Jinksy said...

Juice is fine- but my teeth might forget what they were made for, with nothing to chew... LOL

Leslie said...

Did you just start juicing, or have you been doing it for a while? I've been thinking about it myself, to add vitamins to my bland little diet, but have no idea where to start. Any hints about juicers? (I would need something that strains out the pulp.)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Ha! I love it. And now I want to juice everything!

Heaven said...

Very nice share... I do think it is healthy but I am lazy to do it. And I don't like my vegetables squished either.

Happy week to you ~