Thursday, November 10, 2011

Book Blurb Friday: to the water?

Waiting ’round the bend, my huckleberry friend...

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Each week, Lisa posts a photo (this week by blogger Kathy Matthews) to inspire other writer-bloggers to imagine a book, of which the above photo is the front cover, and to write a "blurb" (maximum 150 words) for the back cover to entice people to buy this book.
Here is my submission of 150 words:

Thomas Adams and his neighbor Martin “Huck” Finn have known one another since they were babies, and now they’re big boys—nearly nine.
When they started building a raft in the Finns’ back yard, their mothers watched through the kitchen window and laughed delightedly.
“They’re having a wonderful time, and learning about work, too. It’s a good thing we live miles away from any water,” chuckled Mrs. Adams.
She was no longer laughing when, a week later, the two boys and their raft disappeared.
“Vanished,” said Tom’s mother. “Mary Finn took me upstairs to show me her new quilt. When we came down, they were gone, and so was the raft. How can it be?”
There was no lane access to the Finn property, which was surrounded by a fence.
What happened? And how? Where had the boys and the raft gone?
The answer might shock you. Start reading today!
150 words
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One said...

Kay, It does looks like I got to by a book every Friday.

Now, were they found?!!!

Joyful said...

I want to read the book. Well done!

Rinkly Rimes said...

I cannot wait to be shocked!

Kay said...

You are so amazing, Kay! I want to know what happened next!

diane b said...

Yes, I would start reading today if I could. You always get me in.

Tammy said...

Yes, I *want* to start reading today!! This is a perfect example of why BBF is sometimes torture. The image of the mothers laughing over that cute, harmless little raft provides marvelous contrast. Pleeeeze write this!

Lynn said...

Great blurb. I'm always amazed at everyone's ability to be so creative and to think of what kind of books that could be out there!

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Two nine year old boys, a raft, and lots of adventure. Nice nod to Mark Twain, too. Great blurb!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Kay,

This is a great storyline! I wonder how in the world they disappeared so quickly, if they were far from the river? You have me hooked.

That happened to me once when I was babysitting ... the boys took the raft and hopped into the drainage canal across the street after a storm. I was freaking out, I couldn't find them! At least they wore life jackets.

Thanks so much for your compliment on my photo ... several of the ones of that group took my breath away, but just standing there that day did that.

Take care,