Monday, December 10, 2012

De's collection of words for Toads

Last week, De Jackson asked everyone commenting on her Real Toads interview to share their favourite word, and suggested we use a list of all those words as inspiration for poetry.
Here's the list De collected, posted by Kerry as a challenge today at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, followed by my composition containing as many of the words as I could fit in.
linoleum ubiquitous serendipity synchronicity voice rejoice silence gypsy slumber endless peace butterfly indigo paw alabaster bedazzled idea magical patience hope sacred ejaculation periwinkle orangey mariposa briar shingadoogie snicklefritz horsefeathers
Bonus word: chthonic

by Kay Davies, December, 2012

the serendipitous synchronicity
of the ubiquitous orangey linoleum
in the magical gypsy caravan
made Hope lose her voice
and rejoice
in silence
then as Mariposa
the periwinkle butterfly
landed with one paw on the briar
and bedazzled
her again
she knew
she had found the chthonic idea
of sacred slumber
and endless patience
in the indigo
and alabaster


Helen said...

My goodness! Can't believe you were able to use so many of the words ... I'm at six right now, and ready to call it quits!!

Kerry O'Connor said...

This is a thing of beauty!

Emma Major said...

clever, very clever indeed. just one small query - do butterflies have claws in their paws? thanks for the message xxx

Mama Zen said...

This is so cool!

ksdoolittle said...

You were certainly up for the challenge!! Very clever!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

WOW! This is a list of words that boggles the mind, but you turned it into a tale fit for an illustrated children's book:) Wonderful!

Heaven said...

I love the dazzling display of colors of the periwinkle butterfly in the underworld ~

Good job on the word list ~ Dazzling ~

Hannah said...

Very nice, Kay!! You were able to fit them very nicely! I enjoy the sacred slumber and endless patience...very peaceful!

Susan said...

I too lit on
"the indigo
and alabaster
as a favorite line.
As a whole though,
it is a neat
Dali-ish story. Very cool!

Mary said...

Amazing how you worked so many words into your poem!

Marian said...

oooh, the underworld. of course, what with that unpronounceable bonus word :) good one!

Margaret said...

Fantastic... we were definitely on the same wave length :)

hedgewitch said...

I'm with Mama Zen--this is very cool, and it all seems to be incredibly logical under the jewels of the words. I like it, Kay.

Susie Clevenger said...

Wow! You rocked the word list. It is quite a magical ride.

Lady In Read said...

love this one.. you used all these words so beautifully..
i am going to look at this challenge too..

De said...

This is amazing, Kay. I especially LOVE:
"made Hope lose her voice
and rejoice
in silence"

Still rejoicing, sans voice. Perfect.

Also love the idea of a butterfly having a paw! So great!