Wednesday, December 5, 2012

At Real Toads: Ella challenges us

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Wow, I don't know, Ella dear, this is a pretty complicated challenge. You want us to develop characters the way Charles Dickens did, and write, in a Dickensian style, a poem about the home of one of the other members of Imaginary Garden with Real Toads. Then, we can't reveal the other person's name until tomorrow.

So much for one old brain to absorb, think about, and turn into verse. I had to give it a try, of course, because you said to have fun with it, and that's what I like to do, but the Dickensian style seems somehow to have eluded me. Nevertheless, here goes...

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Luncheon with a lady who shall
remain nameless until tomorrow

oh, such an air
such an elegant air
had the home of the lady in blue
we rode in our phaeton
right up to her gate and
she greeted us: “how do you do?”

we went inside
and, without hint of pride,
she showed us around her domain
it was lovely and grand,
so beautiful, and
we were glad to get out of the rain

she wined us and
dined us, and then
took us all 'round the house one more time
then out to the stable
and there we were able
to meet all the horses and kine

oh, such a day
such a wonderful day
we had with the lady in blue
then got in our phaeton
parked at the gate and
drove off, calling: “bye, toodle-oo”

Kay L. Davies, December 5, 2012


Mama Zen said...

This is fabulous! You totally nailed the tone.

Lolamouse said...

I'm not sure about this one! Help?

Ella said...

Toss up for me either Margaret or Sherry?! wow, this was good Kay :D
You have fooled me, lol

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I'm guessing Margaret Bednar???

Margaret said...

As far as I know, I'm the only one with a horse, but this can't be me - this lady sounds far to charming to be me! Will be back tomorrow to find out who else owns a horse! :)

Joyful said...


Kerry O'Connor said...

I love your rhyming verse which really brings the character to life.. but I'm also not sure who it may be!

Susie Clevenger said...

Ah...I do believe the delightful lady is the poem!

Susan said...

I would guess Margaret, but remember that I always lose at betting games and gambling. But what a fun visit! I hope we don't have to wear shoes.

Emma Major said...

perfect perfect perfect. don't know who the lay in blue is though

Kay L. Davies said...

Margaret, you are wrong, and the others are right, you are this charming lady.

Margaret said...

Well then, "How do you do?" :) I'm flattered.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

You have such fun and you are incredibly creative! Well done.