Monday, April 16, 2012

Our World Tuesday: brown pelicans in Baja

My husband loves photographing pelicans. There were plenty of them around when we visited Cabo San Lucas on our Carnival cruise earlier this month.

This first fella wasn't doing much, but he sure looked handsome.

These opportunists hang around when fish are being cleaned near the dock.

Pelicans seem to congregate in groups both large and small.

This one is swallowing something.

And these two had enough of being photographed. One flew away; one swam off.

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Sherry Blue Sky said...

Such a plethora of the wise looking critters. I didnt know there were so many in Baja.

Carver said...

Fantastic shots of the pelicans!

Jo said...

Lovely captures. These pelicans look different to ours but seeing them made me long all over again, for our beautiful Kenya. *sigh* Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Jo

Hanne Bente said...

Great pictures you show.
Want dg a good day.
Hanne Bente /

Cezar and Léia said...

wow Kay, you are so talented, these pictures are wonderful!Pelicans are gorgeous birds!

Phil said...

Those Pelicans are so unlike many other birds Kay. I remember in Mexico how they hung around docks and quays for the fish handouts. Good to see them again but I'm unlikely to see one over here, unless in a zoo.

Gary said...

Great shots Kay!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Ebie said...

Those pelicans look so tame!

Sallie ( said...

I love pelicans too and have quite a few pictures of the funny fellows. I think that one in the first picture is in breeding plumage, so of course he is looking quite handsome!

Powell River Books said...

They always know where to get a good meal. I love to watch them skimming over the water, just riding the ground (or water) effect. - Margy

Susan said...

The Brown Pelican is my totem.
I like them best
in a low line in the skies,
not just sitting around
and looking wise!