Monday, April 16, 2012

Real Toads: open link Monday at the zoo

When we were in San Diego last month, I wanted nothing more than to visit the San Diego Zoo again — and again and again, if possible.

Well, at least I got there once, and if I wasn't particularly spry, my intrepid photographer certainly was, so he took plenty of photos, while I was able to sit down to write a bit of doggerel.

sunshine, blue sky, little tiny clouds
palm trees, jungle trees
and, below,
the crowds —
a dad with half a dozen boys,
a mom with seven girls,
grandparents with their pride and joy:
a six-year-old with curls.
newlyweds stroll arm in arm
while seniors walk with canes
teenagers try to seem blasé
with looks of mock disdain.
this is a weekday at the zoo
and everyone's excited
to see all the animals here,
they're thrilled, indeed delighted.

Some zoos and animal parks are a disgrace, but I truly believe the San Diego Zoo is focused on saving endangered species. They have contributed a great deal to the work of regenerating the Giant Panda, and have already released California Condors, among others, into the wild successfully. They also take on animals other zoos no longer want. These animals often need to be nursed back to health before being put on exhibit, and the devoted staff care for them wonderfully. If I didn't believe this, I would certainly not be submitting these photos to the online writers' group, Imaginary Garden with Real Toads. Today is Open Link Monday, and I wrote my little poem just for today.

© Richard Schear photos


Sylvia K said...

I do love the San Diego Zoo! And what great captures for the day! I do LOVE the giraffe!!! Hope you have a wonderful week, Kay!


Kim Nelson said...

Nothing better than a day at the zoo!!

Powell River Books said...

Your giraffe face is priceless. - Margy

Powell River Books said...

Back again - the zoo always reminds me of the song we sang in kindergarten - We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo ....


Semaphore said...

With all those descriptions of the patrons, it's almost as if they are part of the zoo exhibits. Wonderful perspective!

Grace said...

I haven't been to the zoo for thanks for sharing the fun memories...and yeah the giraffe face..he..he...

Susie Clevenger said...

I love the photos and your trip to the zoo.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh the lovely animals. And I ADORE the giraffe!!!!!! San Diego Zoo is very well run. I was there Back in the Day. There was a gorilla who had a very human face, and he would pose with his chin on his hand and his elbow on his knee, like The Thinker.

The Chair Speaks said...

Our human loves these pictures especially the giraffe and the antelope! :)

Jo said...

What a lovely zoo, and stunning photos. I love the giraffe and the last one of the buck is excellent too. I enjoyed your doggerel, Kay. You're an inspiration to me. Hope you're feeling better every day. Blessings Jo PS Re your question about Phillip's boy dog, he is quite the aggressive and the most confident little canine I have ever seen. The girls are afraid of him I think. He was on Phillip's lap as he thinks he owns Phillip! (I forget his name: also something strong, suited to a huge dog not a miniature!)

Dianne said...

And I was thrilled indeed excited Kay to read your lovely poem ... Bravo!

Cezar and Léia said...

What a wonderful day at the Zoo!Your pictures are beautiful, mainly that last one, my favorite!

diane b said...

Great shots. That giraffe sure has attitude. Your poem puts pictures in my head.

Jenn Jilks said...

I love travelling with you!
Greetings from Cottage Country!

Kerry O'Connor said...

I count myself lucky to be able to see giraffe in the wild, not 30 minutes away from where I live.

Ebie said...

Love your poetry, well written. I used to have curly hair, and its all gone now.

Very nice knowing about their goals of saving these animals.

Honestly, I have never been to SD Zoo, but have been to the Safari Park.

Thanks for your nice comments Kay.

hedgewitch said...

Glad you got to go there--I wish I'd had a chance when I lived in California--you describe the scene well. And in related news, Newt Gingrich, who apparently plagues every zoo animal he can with his presence, was bitten by a penguin the other day. All i can say is, what excellent taste that bird has! ;_)

Cheryl said...

Love your poem, your husband's photos, and most of all, your letting folks in on the secret behind what's so special about the San Diego Zoo.

Mystic_Mom said...

Wonderful words, lovely photos and a great it!

Margaret said...

teenagers try to seem blasé
with looks of mock disdain.

ha ha. Very enjoyable capture of "people watching" ... and thank the photographer for capturing such intriguing shots. :)