Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thursday Theme have a little fun...

We went one day about a month ago (a-ha-ha)
To have a little fu-un (a-ha) in Mexico
We ended up in a gambling spot a-ha-ha
Where the liquor flow-owed and the dice were hot
So here we a-are in the Tijuana Jail
Ain't got no frie-ends to go our bail
So here we'll sta-ay ‘cause we can't pa-a-a-a-ay
Just send our mai-ail to the Tijuana Jail
I was shootin' dice, rakin' in the dough
And then I hea-ard the whistle blow
We started to run when a man in blue
Said, SeƱor, come with me 'cause I want you

So here we a-are in the Tijuana Jail
Ain't got no frie-ends to go our bail
So here we'll sta-ay 'cause we can't pay
Just send our mail to the Tijuana Jail (shout)
Just five hundred dollars and they'll set us free
I couldn't raise a penny if ya threatened me

I know five hunderd don't sound like much

But just try to find somebody to touch
So here we are in the Tijuana Jail
Ain't got no frie-ends to go our bail
So here we'll sta-ay 'cause we can't pay
Just send our mai-ail to the Tijuana Jail

Historical Note: I have no intention of saying anything against Mexico, a country where my family enjoyed a lot of time over the past 40 years. However, Mexico, like France, works on the Napoleonic system of justice, or "guilty until proven innocent" — therefore, anyone who chooses to go to Mexico to get drunk, might find this song to be true. I've also been told you won't get fed much (if anything) in Mexican prisons unless your family is nearby to bring you food. I don't know if this latter point is true but I suspect it is easier to behave than it is to find out if it is true. (Our prisons aren't much fun, either, apparently.) So, don't get drunk, and you won't get into trouble.

These photos were taken just outside San Felipe, in Baja California Norte. Some of you will recognize where we were. Now we're just back from a cruise to the southern part of the Baja Peninsula, with lots of new photos for my blog.

These ones are posted for Hootin' Anni's musical meme
which I missed when we were away.
So, we got outta jail free, and here I am, back again.


Lynette Killam said...

That was a fun post, Kay, and I must admit I'm not eager to test the veracity of the lyrics! A morbid fear of confinement keeps me pretty law-abiding...well, most of the time anyway...:)

Looking forward to your latest trip pics...


Lighthousegal said...

Glad you are back. I look forward to see some of the photos from your trip. Your photos are always so great, like the ones in this post. The sky is such a beautiful shade of blue.
I really like the song, it is a very fun song. I hope to never find out about Any jail. I will just stay out of trouble and stick to seeing jail cells on television.
Happy Thursday!

Linda said...

I had one short visit to Mexico - Nogales - when I was in Phoenix visiting my son. I did drink a beer at the market...but I was very careful to behave! After all, my dad was a police office when I was a child! I knew about those jails! Funny post...enjoyed it!

Ann said...

I don't think I will want to go to Mexico and eat curry rice. A term meaning going to prison.


You've been missed. I have been to Old Mexico several times [in all the tourist areas on the beaches and border towns from CA, AZ, and TX] ---and I must confess, I'm not sure I'd even consider going to the country now-a-days.

LOVED your images and such a perfect song choice to go with it all!!! Reminds me of Tijuana Jail by it the Kingston Trio? Anyway, great post. As always.