Saturday, June 30, 2012

For Real Toads: the Chinese Koan form

Kerry's Sunday challenge for the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads this week introduces us to the ancient Chinese poetry form called the Koan, which is written in four lines.
The first line makes a statement about a subject, and the second line progresses to a description of the subject. In the third line, a new subject is introduced with a statement. The fourth line unites the themes of the first three lines.
This evening, I heard from a friend whose infant son has shown he is no longer a helpless infant, and her news made me think of this challenge.

my young friend’s son is no longer a newborn:
he can now roll from his back to his stomach.
the young birds left their nests in the spring.
young men leave home later than young birds, but leave they must.

Photo copyright Kay Davies and Richard Schear, 2008


Kerry O'Connor said...

Yes, leave they must, once the mother bird has grown so attached over the years she feels quite plucked!

Lovely subject for your koan, Kay.

Cezar and Léia said...

This kind of Chinese sculpture must take in so much work, it's impressive!
God bless you!

Heaven said...

True this ~ For my kids, not too soon though ~ As long as they are single, I don't mind them staying with me ~

Jo said...

I've never heard of Koan poetry until now, Kay. Well done! I hope you're having a healthy and happy weekend. Is it also hot in your area? (I heard about the heatwaves in the US and wondered if you were affected as well. A big hug for you and pat for Lindy. Jo

Hannah said...

Oh fer sure the perfect pairing of topic to nature!! Well done and your image brings even more the orient!! Enjoyed, Kay!!

Tammy said...

Thanks for introducing me to the Koan. Beautiful poem and picture!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh that first roll towards independence. Perfectly done, this koan!

Mary Ann Potter said...

Very nicely done! Lovely parallel between the birds and the kids.
(It's okay to re-enable this little thingy; spam is a pesky part of cyberspace.)

Marian said...


Ella said...

I, too love your poem and that you tied birds with young men! Well Done :D