Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Monday clouds=rain in our world Tuesday

It's a cold, wet day again here in Alberta, and yesterday's clouds sure let us know it was coming.
As Dick and Lindy went for their walk, taking beautiful cloud photos as they went, Dick could see the storm moving in.
Today there is no blue in our sky, in any direction, and the temperature is only +12 Celsius (53.6 F) with the first day of summer rapidly approaching.
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NatureStop said...

Great shots and enjoy the rains:)Here in Muscat, we hardly get to see and enjoy the rains:(Have a great day!


aka Penelope said...

The clouds bring so much movement to the horizon. I can see why Alberta is sometimes called Big Sky Country. :)

Powell River Books said...

We've had our share of clouds out here too. It looked like our first day of summer as going to be sunny, but the clouds came back before morning was over. - Margy

Leslie said...

You have beautiful summer skies...