Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our World Tuesday: mystery birds, dog, and...

Do you know who these birds are above? They're black and blue, with hints of green and purple, with bright eyes but no name-tags. All help welcome.

This one below is a garden-variety but still charming American Robin.

This, of course is Lindy, about to walk right past a rabbit without paying it no nevermind nohow. See the rabbit in the upper part of the photo?

And here is Lindy, walking past said rabbit without a glimmer of recognition. There was a time when Lindy would have thought "food!" and dragged her poor, unsuspecting daddy across these weeds and rocks in her excitement. But no longer. Lindy is Owned, she is no longer a stray. She was picked up by the SPCA, rescued by SOS Dog Rescue in Redcliff, Alberta, and adopted by his and hers truly, her devoted slaves. Food comes to her as dog biscuits, dog food (regular and dental-care) plus zucchini, broccoli, rutabaga, cauliflower, cabbage, lettuce, peas and apples. Even 1/8 orange from her daddy's breakfast.
Chase a rabbit? Very unlikely. But, oh, those little gophers by the BMX Bike Track, running across the road toward the public swimming pool. Sometimes she'll chase them, for old time's sake.

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Fran said...

They look a bit like starlings, do they have spots on their fronts? I laughed at Lindy with the rabbits, Alfie thinks they are there to chase as a game, but if he ever caught one, I'm not sure he would know what to do with it!

diane b said...

They are pretty sleek looking birds. It is a shame that they don't carry name tags. Eileen, from "Viewing Nature with Eileen" will know.
Lindy looks well fed, well loved and well cared for but still amazing that she doesn't chase a rabbit just for fun.

Cezar and Léia said...

Hi Lindy, how are you chérie!
Your birds friends are adorable and I also love the rabbit,he is cute!
But you are the princess, you are beautiful!
purrs and hugs
Luna and mammy Léia

Andy said...

I think the bird is Grackle. Nice to that Lindy fit right into your family.

Gary said...

She's a beauty, and of course very civilized. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Dianne said...

I never know the name of anything
they are really pretty

Lindy always makes me smile
she's a good girl

Andrea said...

What a sweet story. I love that you rescued Lindy and she now has a loving home with lots of good food (I love your list of extra's, can I come over?). There should be more people like you in our world.

Andrea @ From The Sol

Sherry Blue Sky said...

It almost looks like a cross between a crow and a bluejay - but where do the green and purple come from. Was her daddy a rascal? Love the story of Lindy. Jas's fave treat is a carrot. I am impressed at how adventurous Lindy's palate is, and love the story of a rescue finding such a good home.

Last weekend Lori and I were walking a trail with the dogs and there must have been a bunny in a hollow log. Lukey, who is an extremely overweight golden, tried to insert his big pudgy butterball body INTO the log in his excitement and refused to come out. We wished we had a camera when his head popped out the side of the log through a hole, while his rear still protruded from the entrance.

Leah H. said...

Beautiful dog, great shots!

Visiting for Our World Tuesday- hope you can stop by:)

Sylvia K said...

Lindy is such a happy and grateful doggie friend and aren't our dogs a huge and wonderful part of our worlds? Lovely post for the day!

Sylvia and Sam Schnauzer

Black Jack's Carol said...

I, too, think your bird may be a Grackle. Lindy is lovely.

TALON said...

Kay, that looks like a common grackle. They always remind me of crows because they love to strut around and they have tons of personality.

Bless Lindy's heart. If either of my dogs had spotted the rabbit, I would have been flying at the end of the leash! :)

bettyl said...

Lindy looks very content and happy!