Wednesday, June 6, 2012

ABC Wednesday: U is for Urban

The word "urban" had been playing around in my head, but my friend Wil used it in her introduction and I thought, "Aha, that's the word I've been trying to remember."
If you can tell me any other words I've forgotten, Wil, my life might be a lot less complicated.
Bordeaux, France

Brussels, Belgium

Den Haag, The Netherlands

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Honolulu, Hawaii

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Antwerp, Belgium

Metz, France

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Moscow, Russia

Paris, France

San Diego, California, USA

St. Petersburg, Russia

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Photos by Kay Davies and Richard Schear, except Vancouver Olympic photo, courtesy of Mr. Google

Posted for
Mrs. Nesbitt's alphabetical meme, hosted this week by our friend Wil, whom we met when we visited her beautiful country, The Netherlands. Thanks, Wil.


Roger Owen Green said...

attractive cityscapes. glad that you posted these

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Gattina said...

What a sightseeing tour ! btw where is Brussels ?

diane b said...

Thanks for the tour through the urban areas of the world.

Fran said...

I think I like the 'urban' best when there is still a bit of greener, must be the country girl in me!

Berowne said...

Thanks for a beautiful trip, photographically speaking...

Sylvia K said...

Beautiful urban shots for the U Day!! Hope your week is going well, Kay! Enjoy! Give Lindy a hug for Sam and I!


Leslie: said...

Great idea for our U week, Kay! I was starting to wonder whether you'd post a shot of Vancouver! All shots are fabulous and I'm assuming are your own from visits.

abcw team

Anne said...

Gorgeous photos of the urban scene. I was thrilled to see Halifax in the mix! I live outside the city, but commute back and forth to school.

Leslie said...

The first two photos make me want to visit those places, especially!

Powell River Books said...

That's a lot of urban. I've been to Halifax, San Diego, Honolulu and Vancouver. But none of the wonderful European cities. - Margy

Mel C. said...

such gorgeous looking urban spots. hope you can visit my ABC Wednesday here.