Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Partaking: Succinctly Yours meme

Once a week, at her blog Grandma's Goulash, Grandma posts a picture, and has her daughter Calico choose the word of the week before she sees the photo. This week, Calico chose "partaking" which is difficult, but not impossible, to apply to this week's photo.

Our job, then, is to write a short story of no more than 140 words, or a short-short story of 140 characters or less, including spaces and punctuation, using the photo as a prompt, and including the word of the week if possible.

It's good to be back, Grandma, because I might have become verbose rather than succinct if I had remained in Italy, where communication involves many, many words, facial expressions, and a plethora of gestures.

Photo provided as prompt

My brother was joining the Canadian Navy, but first checked out how other sailors fared.
He didn't want to partake of the bottom one's fare.

(140 characters, including spaces and punctuation.)

"Hurry up, lads, we'll soon be going to Italy and partaking of some fabulous food and rich desserts."
(101 characters)

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(100 characters, not including the link below.)

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Daryl said...

well done

anthonynorth said...

And I hope they'll have to do it again when they get back :-)
Nice one.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Maybe I was Italian in a former life...I talk a lot and I talk with my hands...and I love to partake in pasta!