Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thursday Theme Song: you got me...

This song, written by a man named Melvin Endsley, was #1 on the pop charts for 10 weeks during my childhood, just about the time I was becoming a fan of popular music, and wanting to buy records (which then cost a dollar). Judging by the video, the singer wasn't long out of his youth, either, although he was actually almost as old as my parents. This YouTube clip is from a TV show everyone watched when I was young. Maybe Anni remembers it as well. The song was popular almost forever, so even you young 'uns might know it, too. As a sometime songwriter myself, although totally and completely unsuccessful, I hope Mr. Endsley got plenty of royalties for this long-time world favourite.

Well, I never felt more like singin' the blues
'Cause I never thought I'd ever lose
Your love, dear, why'd you do me this way?
And I never felt more like cryin' all night
'Cause everythin's wrong, nothin' ain't right
Without you. You got me singin' the blues.
Oh, the moon and stars no longer shine
The dream is gone I thought was mine
Nothin' left for me to do
But cry-y-y-y over you
Well, I never felt more like runnin' away
But why should I go? I couldn't stay
Without you, you got me singin' the blues.

Posted for Hootin' Anni's musical meme
Thursday Theme Song
Thanks, Anni. You know I love this meme. 
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SandyCarlson said...

I like this very, very much!

Dianne said...

Ah! Yes Kay I well remember this tune .... And Guy Mitchell ... That was a long way back!!

kaykuala said...

Kay Ma'am,
I thought I'll post this comment here too!

"You can do what JJ did if the fruits are half-ripe. For those that you get at your Supermart these are already ripe. But for a ripe one you can just press lime over them. It'll give that special flavor. I hope lime is still ok with you".


Fran said...

It is a great song and one that you have now got me singing!

Lighthousegal said...

A song I know well, though by a different artists. My Dad was a HUGE Fan of Country Music, so I grew up listening to Marty Robbins' version of this song.

The bird flying over what seems to be a boat of some sort and the moon shots are all Great. My favorite one would be the moon casting it's reflection on the water. Awesome Job! Happy Thursday!!

Linnea said...

Have a good weekend!!

Regards, Linnea and Ola the guinea pig

Madi and Mom said...

Excellent moon shots!!! This song wasn't familiar to me. Thank you for sharing this very pretty song.
Hugs Madi and Mom

Madi and Mom said...

PS Correction...Mom needs a proof reader. I think she said she'd never heard the song....BECAUSE she has.She meant she had never heard Mr. Mitchell.
Hugs Madi

Dimple said...

Ah, thanks to Lighthousegal! I know that song well...mostly because my husband likes Marty Robbins, but I didn't remember whose version I was hearing while I read the lyrics!

Beautiful moon shots Kay.


Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow!!! That song...oh that song. I do so love it, and I'll be more than happy to be humming it all day. And Kay?---these images....outstanding!! Just simply perfect this week.