Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday's Photo Hunting: creative this week

Whoever created reflective snow boots for dogs probably had to endure a lot of laughter and teasing at first, but they really do work! Wearing her boots, Lindy doesn't get painful chunks of snow between the pads of her feet during a winter walk, so she doesn't need help getting them out of there.
When she sees her daddy with her boots, Lindy knows it's time for a walk, just as she knows her harness means a car ride. We have rigged up a rather creative "seat belt" system in the back seat of my car for her, but I can't find any photos of it.

Kay Davies photos 2012

Sometimes Lindy doesn't even wait for her boots to come off, or for someone to dry off her snowy curls. She just climbs up onto her seat in the living room and goes to sleep. Winter walks can be tiring. We were hoping there wouldn't be any more snow, but this afternoon there was a bit of snow mixed with rain, so we can't be sure the boots can be retired for the season yet.

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Saturday's Photo Hunting


LadyFi said...

Love the snow on her lovely golden fur!

Gattina said...

Lol, that looks really funny ! but they are certainly good for her in this cold snow !