Thursday, March 8, 2012

For Real Toads: a poem in a triptych

Well, my fellow members of the writers' group Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, just because I've come across all serious a few times recently, please don't forget I'm not usually that way.
I'm not exactly a cross between Ogden Nash and Dr. Seuss, but I often find it difficult to take myself too seriously these days. Ah, yes, I had plenty of angst in my youth, and can dredge up its remnants for a line or three, but I'm a writer of nonsense. That's who I am.

Therefore, this little ditty, written when I woke up in the middle of the night, should come as no surprise.
However, it is in response to Kerry's challenge for a triptych style of poem, and my mind hears the word triptych and immediately thinks of three-part paintings in ancient cathedrals. Who, me?
Thanks, Kerry, for including the wonderful fun photographic triptych of three strangers, because it takes some of the pressure off me to be serious.

fishing's fun
you need no gun—
a bent pin on a string will do you
a tree branch for a rod
sit yourself down on the sod
and wait for a fish to come to you
now I've got myself a boat
while not the finest craft afloat
at least it's mine
I'll later dine
on fresh-caught trout
and thank the gods of fishing
for my dinner
is not this yacht the finest thing?
a dozen of my friends I'll bring
and we can drink
and fish away the day
all catch-and-release
or I'll have no peace
with my spouse if I mess anything

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Daydreamertoo said...

I used to fish, with wine gums as bait... haha
This was a nice read, made me smile :)

Kerry O'Connor said...

Each part conveys a love of the simple pleasure to be found fishing, no matter the style in which it is accomplished. Great fun!

Ella said...

How fun to read this lyrical jaunt~
You made me long for sun warm days on the lake~ Thanks for the taste of summer! :D (((hugs)))

EG CameraGirl said...

You made me laugh, Kay! You certainly are funny!

Herotomost said...

Hits me hard...I have had the fishing bug all my life and now do mostly saltwater fly fishing when i fish , or occasionally fish for trout. This one had me raring to pack up and get out...catch and release mind you, unless I'm hungry.

hedgewitch said...

I do love to fish but here it's such a battle with the mosquitoes that as an oldie I've yielded the field, or the lake, but this has all the fisherman's zest, Kay, and the three parts fit just right.