Friday, September 30, 2011

Alberta Badlands with good Alberta dog

© Photo by Kay Davies
Yesterday, I posted photos of my visit to Banff and Lake Louise together with my dear dog Lindy and our blogging friend Mara, who is visiting from The Netherlands. In the photo on the right, Lindy seeks interesting things with her nose, while Mara seeks interesting things with her camera at Lake Louise.

I promised I'd show you photos of the Alberta Badlands today, forgetting I took very few of them myself because I was feeling more than somewhat shaky (not a good idea for photos). Therefore, I have to use some of Mara's along with one or two of my own. Thanks, Mara! You are a great traveling companion, and a fabulous driver!

Mara walked across the suspension bridge near Drumheller, Alberta. Lindy and I didn't.
© Photo by Kay Davies

I got most of the bridge into this picture, with the hills of the Badlands visible
on the other side of the Red Deer River.
© Photo by Kay Davies

Tall posts keep vehicles away from the pedestrian bridge,
and provide good anchoring spots for Lindy's leash as she poses for portraits.
© Photo by Kay Davies
Lindy and I smile beside one of the many dinosaur sculptures found on street corners
in the town of Drumheller, Alberta.
© Photo by Mara Jellema

Some of the "hoodoos" south of Drumheller.
© Photo by Mara Jellema


Joyful said...

Beautiful photos, Kay. I love the fall scenes and I've never seen the hoodoos myself. I see that your friend is enjoying her tour as well. You're a great tour guide.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

What a fun girls getaway the three of you had! A part of Alberta we've never explored (and we haven't explored any of it in wayyyy too long!

Thanks to you and your friend for the pretty pictures. And to Lindy for being in them of course!

kaykuala said...

Beautiful pics Kay! It's a fun thing to go visiting with friends.Those on tour without cameras lose out. They would feel the regret the moment they get back. Nicely done!


Mara said...

Do you know what: I might actually return tomorrow for another taster of the Badlands! Or I might just go straight to the Dino Provincial Park. I am still debating with myself! You spoiled me!!!

Lew said...

Interesting place! The river looks wide and the water sculptures are fascinating!

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Great post, looks like you have had a lot of fun. Don't like the look of that suspension bridge.

Gattina said...

Nice pictures of your trip with Mara and Lindy seems to be a good travel companion too !

Jo said...

What a lovely visit and time together with your blogger friend, Mara. I love Lindy's posing at the post! Sweetest girl. Hope you're having a great weekend. (((Hugs))) Jo

magiceye said...

that is so beautiful!!

Jenn Jilks said...

Wow. I love the photos. And your reflections! Not many reflections around here, with the wetland pretty dried up.
Cheers from Cottage Country!

KaHolly said...

Oh, I'd love to visit the badlands of Alberta some day. Great shots!

Leslie said...

i wouldn't have walked across that suspension bridge, either! i notice the leaves are already off the trees, there... did you get much fall color before they fell?

Karine said...

It looks like a lovely place...but I probably would have opted out of the suspension bridge too :o)

Phil said...

Now then Kay, your traveling destinations sound like my wish list of places I want to see. Are there many places left you would like to see? preferably somewhere I have been to LOL.

Seasons said...

What beautiful pictures! Sorry, you weren't feeling well on that particular day. The "hoodoos" look like "wind-carved", abstract sculptures.

Paula Scott said...

I knew about the hoodoos up in your neck of the woods when I researched hoodoos. In my head, I have a heavy association with them with the southwest landscape, so it does seem odd to have them as far north as Alberta.

Francisca said...

You guys - with Lindy - really look like you were having a great time. But I'm sorry you were feeling shaky, my friend. Still, it is the warmth of good company and the beautiful sites that you will remember.