Tuesday, September 20, 2011

J for jeans: ABC Wednesday, Thursday Theme Song

I don't know how much of it was true, but we used to hear stories about Russia during the Soviet years, and one of the worst horror stories (to young Canadians) was the absence of jeans. No blue jeans in the USSR.
Then there were the accompanying stories: "If you wear jeans to Russia, and pack more in your luggage, you can make a fortune selling them."
I don't know anyone who ever did that, but I do know we saw people wearing jeans in various towns in Russia last month. Of course, tourists wore them, but I tried to select photos of people who looked like locals in blue jeans.
Did we actually see any jeans for sale? If we did, we neglected to take pictures.

© Photos by Richard Schear
and Kay Davies, August, 2011

Natascha in blue jeans
Svetlana with a pony tail
Although we’re very far apart
Ekaterina stole my heart

Marushka in blue jeans
Is the Russian darling I adore
Yaneta’s a very special angel too
A fairy tale come true

Milana in blue jeans
Is everything I hoped she'd be
A teenage goddess from Russia
And she belongs to me

They said there were no blue jeans in their world
But what they said is out of date
Now there are blue jeans in their world
And in them they look great

Well, okay, some of them look great, and some of them (see behind her) don't!!

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Jo said...

Hi Kay, strange not to see jeans hanging on the clothes racks. Interesting post: I never knew there were no jeans in Russia in "those" years. I'm trying to get back onto blogger but have much to unpack. (Most, actually, so far I spent today bonding with our cats - they were thrilled that "mum" lazed in bed during the day and joined me! Hope you're all well. Hugs and love. Jo

Nanka said...

Lovely poem a tribute to beautiful Russian girls and yes they do look great in them!!

Kim, USA said...

Sorry but there is something in the photo that makes me laugh ^_^ Not to offend anyone ^_^ You have a great eye because I don't see any display of blue jeans. Go to the Philippines and everywhere you see is jeans. ^_^ Happy Tuesday!


Hildred and Charles said...

Ah, jeans, - I used to love to wear them but finally gave them up when my body parts shifted and I was no longer 'appealing in jeans'.

Fran said...

Aren't they jeans on sale in the last picture? x

photowannabe said...

I'm afraid my body parts have shifted too. Not to lovely in jeans anymore.
In 1987 we were in Russia and there definitely were no jeans on the people then. In fact, Ladies really didn't wear too many pants.
Love the shot of the bended over backside.

Roger Owen Green said...

the world gets smaller
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

EG Wow said...

I don't blame people for wanting to be comfortable in jeans even if they don't look great. :))

Karen said...

I'd be lost without my jeans!

Leckeres für Mensch und Katze - Goodies for a pleasant life said...

Cool :)

Carver said...

Great shots from Russian and a fun take on the letter J.

Jo Bryant said...

you have packed a lot into this great post :)

Gigi Ann said...

I didn't know about no blue jeans in Russia. I haven't had a pair of blue jeans on for a few years. I need the kind that stretch now days. hee hee.

VioletSky said...

I rarely wear jeans, but I remember those stories of taking them to USSR and you could pay your way through!

Tumblewords: said...

I remember the no jeans story. They are everywhere now - your pictures are wonderful!

chubskulit said...

I love jeans!
Beautiful photos Kay!

Gattina said...

Since Russians (and the rest Ukrainians etc) are "free" they are allowed to learn English that also was forbidden, drink Coca Cola and wear Jeans ! I met a Russian journalist from Moscow, she spoke French but no English. Everything which could remind the USA was stricly banned.
Today especially the Russian girls look international and even very chic. Wouldn't say that from the Ukrainians who have no education, sometime cannot even read, I met a father his 10 old son had to check the hotel bill and read the menu card (2 years ago) ! In the hotel I stayed last year, only Russians were allowed not the others, they did too much damages and stole even toilets !

SquirrelQueen said...

I remember hearing those stories too, I just can't imagine not having jeans. The shopping areas look interesting and I'm sure there are lots of jeans for sale these days.

jabblog said...

How could we ever find out if those stories were true? Your take on J is most original, Kay, and your photos are superb, as ever.

Meryl said...

Beautiful shots! Lovely prose.

Dhemz said...

thanks for sharing about the worst horror stories....these photos reminds me of the Philippines...street vendors all over the place....:)

Francisca said...

When I was a child, my mother caused me pain for not allowing me to have jeans, because in Europe they were seen as peasants' wear. After we moved to Canada, her view softened. Oddly, though, now I don't wear jeans much... unlike many, I do NOT find them particularly comfortable; maybe because it's too hot here. Yes, no jeans in the USSR for a long time, I knew that.

[Kay, I am aware of the "turbines kill birds" argument, but after reading the available scientific evidence, I am convinced that on balance, this is a common eco-myth.]

Kay L. Davies said...

@ Francisca — Thanks for the link. I didn't say I was opposed, but there is a lot of opposition. I don't know how many birds I've killed with my car, or how many my cats killed, or how many have hit my windows and later died. Thanks a lot!!
— K

Joy said...

Guess everyone in the world wears them now, wonder if they are banned in North Korea. Love the photo of the party group with the balloons.

Phil said...

That shopping looks a bit shall we say "basic" Kay, but not enough to deter my Sue I know.

Jeanette said...

Shopping looks interesting in Russia. Wonder why they didn't have jeans? I thought the whole world wore them. I used to wear them all the time, in fact most of my wardrobe consisted of jeans. But, now my job requires that I dress business casual so it's Kahkis or dress slacks for me. And, actually they are more comfortable than the jeans. Go figure.
Anyway, you pictures are great and the song is great too!