Friday, September 30, 2011

Special edition! Hold the presses!

"But I'm not really used to dogs, just cats."
© Photo by Kay Davies
We interrupt the ongoing coverage of the World Famous Dick and Kay Holiday in Russia to bring you the following late-breaking news.
On Monday at midnight, after almost 24 hours of travel from her home in the Netherlands, Mara, of the blog Weighty Matters, landed in Edmonton, Alberta.
Fortunately, she found a very comfortable bed awaiting her at the Best Western at the Edmonton Airport, and had a refreshing if all too brief sleep.
By noon she had organized rental of a nice silver Chevy Impala and was headed for Airdrie, Alberta, where I had arranged a large room at a Best Western with pet-friendly policies.
My dog Lindy loved traveling and staying in a hotel with her new friend. She wasn't too sure about the elevator, but soon realized I was saying "Lindy, sit" for a reason. From then on, she sat immediately after entering, then led the way out, as if showing us to our room.
Weather-watching bureaucrats probably love working here.
© Photo by Kay Davies
We packed some interesting things into our two-day sightseeing spree. Taking Hwy. 1A instead of Hwy. 1 (the busy Trans-Canada) as far as Canmore, we hoped to see some wildlife, but were destined to disappointment. We saw three dogs run across the road some distance ahead of us, but they weren't wild dogs. Mara saw a man balanced on a cement barrier, and looked in the direction his camera was pointing. She saw antlers, and by a rather sketchy process of elimination, I decided she might have seen the antlers and the top of the head of an elk. Or not.
Beautiful sky over the Bow River below Bow Falls.
© Photo by Kay Davies
Banff is Banff and looks like all ski towns in the modern world, but, as a National Park, it enjoys a rather substantial and somewhat posh Administration Building with beautifully landscaped grounds.
Lake Louise is like nothing else on earth. It is absolutely beautiful. The glaciers above it are no longer as grand as they were, but the lake is obviously glacier-fed, with its lovely turquoise waters.
Although Mara's wildlife count was limited to a distant pair of antlers and the top of an unrecognizable animal head, one chipmunk, many ravens, and some hawks, she believed me when I said she might see some wildlife the next day, when we headed east instead of west.
Fortunately, she did spot a small herd of deer and I was able to turn the car around and find the animals hadn't run away. My reputation as a big-game tour director was safe.
So...Banff and Lake Louise yesterday, the Alberta Badlands today. Keeping you (I hope) in suspense, I will continue tomorrow.

© Photo by Kay Davies

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Joyful said...

Wonderful that you are meeting a blogging friend! I love, love, love Lake Louise. It is spectacular in colour. I hope your friend enjoyed it too and has lots of wonderful pics to take home. The dog looks so handsome in your photo too.

SquirrelQueen said...

I glad Mara got to see some wildlife! But then the scenery makes for for the lack of fauna. I love your last shot of the lake and mountains.

Have fun in the Badlands.

Your area is so beautiful. I hope we can get up that way in the not too distant future.

Anonymous said...

What a great excursion. That last shot is a marvel!

Arija said...

I wish I were there with you, I love the Badlands and needless to say, the Rockies. The one time I was there, we saw a herd of elk on an island in a melt stream and a wolf walked up to me in a friendly way in Kicking Horse Gap. Mara is such a traditional Latvian name, has your friend Latvian roots?

jabblog said...

Those waters really are turquoise - beautiful.
How lovely that Mara has arrived safely and is seeing the sights:-)

Pearl Maple said...

Banff is a fantastic place for a photography expidition, hope you are having fun!

Rajesh said...

Beautiful place, the last shot id terrific.

Gary said...

I never tire of these views. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Sylvia K said...

How fun for you and Mara! And what gorgeous skies! Terrific captures as always, Kay! Hope you an Mara have a great weekend! Lindy looks so "proper"! I love it!


Tammie Lee said...

such a beautiful area and to think this is right across the border!

Leslie said...

This was a fun update (and I hope you're having fun, still!) I had no idea glacier fed lakes were turquoise!

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Beautiful post and photos, especially I like the last one.

Regards and best wishes

Jo said...

How wonderful for you and Mara to meet up. And in such beautiful surroundings. What gorgeous photos, Kay. Thanks for sharing. Sorry I've been absent for a while. I've been ill (near experience for me!)since returning to Kenya but back on track again. Enjoy your weekend and pat Lindy for me. Blessings. Jo

Grandma's Goulash said...

Beautiful! I'll be back tomorrow for sure.

Fran said...

Sounds like you were both having fun, wish I were there too x

Kim, USA said...

I don't know but my heart sank and skip looking at the photo. These is a winner photo and the view is spectacular. Happy weekend.


Carver said...

Sounds like a great time. It's fun meeting bloggers. Beautiful scenery.

Dhemz said...

how stunning! I love it...thanks for dropping by!

Francisca said...

How totally fabulous for you and Mara! Great story and pics, and like everyone else, am blown away by your Lake Louise shot, Kay!

[I realized after reading your comment on my blog that I had written Great Wall instead of Great Firewall... but yes, you know there's nothing very ominous about China, only this internet blocking nonsense... :-) ]