Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pet Pride: Lindy and whose foot?

Posted for the Pet Pride meme
hosted every week by Lindy's buddy, Bozo, and his family in Mumbai, India.
Lindy says, "Hi, Bozo! Do you have a realistic toy foot like this you can sleep on when nobody is home? I can pretend it is my mom's foot, but not my dad's."

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jabblog said...

It's so delightful to feel a warm furry head on one's foot - very comforting.

Mama Zen said...

My puppy does the same thing!

jabblog said...

There's nothing better than a furry head on a bare foot - wonderful:-)

Jo said...

Oh what pretty toes you have Mum!

Mr Puddy said...

Lindy, My cousin Basil , he does the same !!! but my mom have shoes on so he have a bite : )

magiceye said...

heya lindy!
you sure look at peace with the world!

Woof woof
from Bozo
Pets forever

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Ahhhhhhhhh! so adorable.