Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Midnight in Moscow: Thursday Theme Song

Midnight in Moscow
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Thursday Theme Song
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Above, and right, in the Metro.

© Photos by Richard Schear
and Kay Davies

The first version of Midnight in Moscow I heard was the popular recording by Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen, in 1961.

Later, The Ventures tried it. It's a little more melodic than Wipe Out, but perhaps not as much fun! Did you know The Ventures are the best-selling instrumental band of all time?

While checking on YouTube I found, as I often do, something I'd never heard before. This recording of Midnight in Moscow is done in a beautiful Dixieland style by a group called The Village Stompers. I can never resist a Dixieland beat.

However, if you are looking for a real Russian experience, and you enjoy the balalaika, listen to this version by the Osipov State Folk Orchestra.


Ann said...

did you feel safe out at midnight?

Jeanette said...

Great photos and a very interesting post. I enjoy seeing photos from your travels.
I listened to each version of the song. The traditional Russian one was so much slower than the others and it reminded me of an old movie, the song playing in the background as a couple are saying their goodbyes while the train is about to pull away.

The Venture's version was my least favorite. Too Wipe Out for this song, I think.

Kenny Ball's version was nice and I would listen to it if I happened upon it, but I think my favorite was the Village Stompers Dixieland version. It was energetic and fun.

Great Post!!

Kay L. Davies said...

@ Jeanette — I agree. I liked the Kenny Ball version because it was popular when I was young, but having found The Village Stompers, I'd play theirs rather than his. I love Dixieland arrangements.

@ Ann — I wasn't out running around at midnight by myself, actually. No, I wasn't scared in Russia at all. We were traveling with a group, but at one point I was with one other couple, waiting for Dick and the rest to show up, and I never had any sense of danger.