Monday, June 27, 2011

Succinctly yours, a tribute

White and grey vehicles followed orange and red vehicles in a parade to pay tribute to fallen weather

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Succinctly Yours, hosted by Grandma's Goulash.
Every week, Grandma posts a picture to act as inspiration to writer-bloggers. Then she offers a choice. (Decisions, decisions!)
In either 140 characters or 140 words, we are to write our choice of prose or poetry, fact or fiction (more decisions), based on the photograph.
There aren't any bonus points for using the word of the week (this week it is "tribute") but it is fun to fit it in if we can.

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Elaine said...

Very clever - so much in so few characters!

jabblog said...

LOL!! Many a forecaster has fallen foul of the people who believed his or her forecasts. Unique take, Kay:-)

Grandma's Goulash said...

I never dreamed anyone would see a parade in this one. Very imaginative, Kay. I think that there's a 90% chance that this microfiction is true. lol

Helen said...

Very creative, well done!

Pooch said...

Lovely tribute to the fallen weather forecasters everywhere!! So original and fun!

W.G. Cambron said...

Fallen forecasters?
Oh my, what is this country coming to!!