Monday, June 27, 2011

Pet Pride: enough of the hangdog look already

© Photo by Kay Davies    

"But, Mom, I'm so sad. I still don't have my curls back and it's been two weeks! How long is this going to take? I only want Dad to take me for walks down the lanes and alleys, but he takes me on the street, and to the coulee where we see other dogs, and sometimes cats. I just know those cats are laughing at me. Nobody makes cats have summer haircuts. Please don't post this picture on your blog. What if someone sees it? Do people actually look at your blog, Mom? Please say they don't."

Poor Lindy. Yes, some people really do look at her mom's blog. They look at the sidebar pictures of Lindy with all her curls and say, "Oh, isn't she beautiful?" but she doesn't know they understand about haircuts, and they think she's adorable anyway.

Posted for Pet Pride, which Lindy thinks is just a dreadful thing to do to her, because she doesn't feel very proud of herself at all.

Pet Pride is hosted by Lindy's friend Bozo 'way over in Mumbai, India. Lindy says she doesn't want Bozo to see her like this, even though her Mom says Bozo is still her friend anyway. It's hard for a girl to believe, sometimes.

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Seasons said...

Hard to reason with that! That...which "that"...Lindy or Lindy's mom? Well, both. Another mother-dauther compromise in due time. It is inevitable with all that family affection and from admirers around the world.

Phillip said...

Poor Lindy, what our parents don't do to us.

The Chair Speaks said...

Hair or no hair, Lindy, you are pretty to us! Purrs!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Siri (12 yo golden girl) would be mortified if we tried trimming her for summer (even though it would probably be a good thing considering the heat we've been experiencing lately)! Please tell Lindy that she's gorgeous with or without the curls!