Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Song to sing to something yellow, high up in a tree

                                                          Photo by Kay Davies

Yellow squash, up high in a blue spruce tree,
Yellow squash, you sit all alone like me.
Did your weedy friend leave your tree again?
That is very sad, makes me feel so bad,
Comes another weed, soon it's up the tree,
You're more lucky than me.

This was my squash garden, next to the big blue spruce tree. Only once did I ever have squashes decide to use the tree for a garden stake. They went up about six feet, but when they got too heavy, they fell down, miraculously undamaged and delicious!
Posted for Hootin' Anni's Thursday Theme Song meme.
It's a heck of a lot of fun. Come on over, take a look, take a listen, and maybe give it a try. The youtube link I posted starts with a song very much like the one I've written here, then continues with other songs very familiar to people from "my" day. The songs and the group remained popular for many, many years in many, many countries, as you can tell by the age they are in the video, and the fact that the video was made at a concert on the other side of the world. Go listen.
To hear the songs other bloggers like this week, CLICK HERE!


Mr Puddy said...

Photo and song go so well together...It's Nice !

Junneth said...

Cute post! I am not so familiar with the song but I like it....Fantastic post dear Kay!

Margaret Duarte said...

Looks like fun. Wish I had time for Thursday Theme Song. Love the idea of squash growing up a tree. Smart squash, lucky you.

Kay said...

I love it. I used to sing that song, "Yellow bird, up high in banana tree..." Oops! Was it papaya tree? Yikes! I forgot. I love your little yellow squash. I'm glad it was delicious! :-)

RNSANE said...

Funny picture...handy for the squash, though! I love squash. Do you plant them every year?

SquirrelQueen said...

The Brothers Four have the most beautiful voices, I really enjoyed hearing them again.

Hmm, I never thought about letting a tree act as a garden stake for squash. Might have to try that!

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Well, I never....I never even thought of having squash grow up a tree to support the vine. Imaginative...well done.

I always remembered the song as Yellow Bird tho. This was all new to me.

Fabulous's truly amazing.

Here's My Song

Magical Mystical Teacher said...


Sing a song of yellow squash,
Clinging to the tree.
Sing a song of yellow squash,
Hanging there for me.
Sing a song of yellow squash,
Tempting and demure;
Sing a song of yellow squash—
Creamy skin and pure.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Madi and Mom said...

Kaye what a great song for the very cold time of year...makes me think of the beach, sand and surf and even might make me feel a tad warmer,
Beautiful vocals too.
Madi and Mom

Ebie said...

I love your lyrics to the tune of Yellow Bird.

I checked out the video, and the Brothers Four's is just so fantastic!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I've never seen a squash do that! Crazy thing. You'd think that when it fell it would turn into a smash instead of a squash!

jabblog said...

How funny it must have been to see squash growing up your tree.

Cezar and Léia said...

Very creative idea, and your picture is magnificent!
*** please dear Kay, forgive my absence and later comments.I'm doing French tests and I'm also a little bit busy because my son came from Brazil to visit us during his vacation from University.I'm so happy, I think you can imagine! :)
And little Luna ( my kitty ) is this time with a crazy behaver, I imagine she is jealous about me!