Sunday, January 30, 2011

My first award is really for Lindy and Dick

I'd like to thank EJ of "The Chair Speaks" for choosing "An Unfittie's Guide" to win the Stylish Blogger Award.
I was shocked speechless last night, but now I realize I also have to thank my husband Dick and our dog Lindy, because I'm sure EJ and her cats would never have noticed me if not for Lindy's Golden Retriever cuteness, and Dick's excellent photos of Lindy and their adventures. So this award is really for Dick and Lindy. Take a bow, both of you!

EJ says a winner of this award should tell our friends in the blog world seven things not previously mentioned here. A difficult task, to be sure. Let me see if I can find seven things:
1. Lindy loves people, and one of her favorite people is her veterinarian, Dr. Baroughi.
2. Dick loves the Calgary Flames hockey team.
3. Lindy loves cucumber, it's her favorite vegetable, but she also likes broccoli and cauliflower.
4. Dick loves blueberries, and also caramel apple pie.
5. Lindy loves to ride in my car. In Dick's car, she has to ride in her kennel.
6. Dick loves having people stop to pet Lindy when they're out walking.
7. I love Dick and Lindy.
There. Seven things. That wasn't so terribly difficult, was it? I worried and fretted and fussed for nothing.  Dick says I do that a lot. (Oops, that makes eight things.)


Ann said...

"Please let me catch my breathe! The snow is killing me."

Really Rainey said...

Lindy is so beautiful! I just wanna wrap my arms around her. Such a sweet face. She looks lovely in her shadow!

Really Rainey

Mr Puddy said...

Kay, Thanks for your 7 things
I just know you have two woofies !!!! I'm so sorry !!!
Hi Dick, I hope you don't swallow me because of that : )

Karen said...

Lindy sure is a cutie! Congrats on your Stylish award! :> Hope you have a wonderful week!

Ebie said...

Let's not forget the writer behind the pictures. You write well, and you crack jokes too!

So congratulations to the three of you. What a great team!

Cezar and Léia said...

How cool!
Congratulations for the award, Lindy is adorable, a perfect model for your pictures and we want to see more pictures from her!
Hugs from Léia
purrs and always love from Luna!