Friday, January 31, 2014

Twittering a tweet for Toads

when we have snow,
deer come
in twos and threes
to eat the fruit of our
ornamental crabapple tree,
but we love spring blossoms, 
and the deer
Kay Davies, January, 2014
140 characters including
spaces and punctuation

Posted for Mama Zen's tweet-length poem challenge
Thanks, MZ, it's good to be back, and great to have a small poem to write.


jabblog said...

Neat tweet:-)

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari oM
Oh this is heart-warming!! YAM xx

Ella said...

I am forever smitten with your nature photos-beautiful Kay! I love seeing these timid creatures visit-leaving us with wonder! (hugs)

Mama Zen said...

This is lovely. So good to see you, Kay!

Margaret said...

Yes. We plant "deer-resistant" plants but this year they seem to be nibbling them. Oh well - I do love the deer too.

magiceye said...

SO pretty!!

Kay said...

Lovely photos! I didn't know those crab apples were edible.