Wednesday, January 22, 2014

B is for British Columbia, and "bye"

I'm sure I've used the same title before, because I am a third-generation British Columbian now living in southeastern Alberta. With more than 4 million people, my British Columbia is Canada's third most populous province.

This month I received an online photo of Central Elementary School in Kelowna, British Columbia, where I attended Grade 6. The school celebrated its 100th anniversary this year.
Don Burnett, a well-known local gardener with a radio program, and a childhood friend of my brother Clint's, spoke about the school's birthday on his show last Saturday.
My friend Carola sent me an e-mail about Don's mention of it, just moments before my friend Gloria mentioned the school on Facebook.
Gloria and I grew up across the street from one another, but somehow managed to miss being in the same class except for the year we were in Grade 6 at Central Elementary. The next year, we were at Kelowna Junior High School, along with our friend Carola and many other students from outlying farming and orcharding areas, as well as those living in the city.
Central Elementary School, Kelowna, BC. File photo.
We were KJHS students when British Columbia celebrated its centenary as a British colony in 1958. All our male teachers grew beards, and various celebrations were held around the province.
In Kelowna, however, even centennial celebrations couldn't overshadow 1958's opening, by Princess Margaret, of the Okanagan Lake Bridge, from Kelowna to the west side of the lake.
Gone was the ferry we all remembered and in its place we had a floating bridge with a centre section which opened up to let large power boats and tall-masted sailboats under it. We thought it very exciting.
That bridge has since been replaced by a similar but larger one to accommodate the increased traffic.

1958 British Columbia Centennial
In 1858, the Colony of British Columbia was established by an Act of the British Parliament. At its creation, it physically constituted approximately half the present day province of British Columbia, since it did not include the Colony of Vancouver Island, the regions north of the Nass and Finlay Rivers, the regions east of the Rocky Mountains, or any of the coastal islands.

When British Columbia first became an official colony, its capital was established at Fort Langley, on the Fraser River. The capital was later moved downriver to New Westminster (where I was born, by the way, as was my father, and my mother's father) until BC's capital finally became established in the beautiful city of Victoria, on Vancouver Island.

I am also thinking about British Columbia this month because I'm flying out there tomorrow, hoping to be able to do whatever I can to help my family because one member is very sick. I'm not the most useful person these days, but I care very much, and am willing to do my part.
Whether I am able to post anything to my blog between tomorrow and next Wednesday depends upon computer availability because I'm traveling smallest suitcase, my CPAP machine, my largest handbag, and a cane will be all I can manage on my own.
While I'm gone, I expect wonderful flooring things to be happening in the dining room here, thanks to my husband, his youngest daughter, and our son-in-law.
Bye now!


Dimple said...

You will be a blessing, and will be blessed.

See you later!

Leslie: said...

British Columbia - the BEST place to live!

abcw team

Kay said...

I know you'll have a nostalgic, loving time there, Kay. And you'll have a beautiful thing to return to.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

OMG, Kay, walked past that school a kazillion times and had forgotten all about it. Richter street, right? I am sorry someone close to you is sick - your presence will be such a comfort. You need do no more than be there. Take care.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
That's an impressive school building!! Great memories. Supporting the supporters is as important as supporting the needy themselves. You'll be valuable. YAM xx

mrsnesbitt said...

Sorry to hear you have a poorly family member Kay. Take care.
Denise ABC Team.

Friko said...

I hope the week will be peaceful and that you can do as much as is needed without harming yourself.

Interesting place, BC. Do you still feel like a member of a colony?

Mara said...

Isn't amazing how some things are more important than the important things?
We are thinking about going over to Canada in 2016 (at the earliest). You can show us some more sights (I will be driving!)

Kate said...

Hope that you have a good visit and know that your help will be appreciated. Kate, ABC Team

Joyful said...

Kay I'm sure your family will appreciate your presence (and your help however small you may think it), much more than you know. Safe journey. Hugs. xx

Roger Owen Green said...

I'll BET you'll be a BIG help, more than you know.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Leon Sims said...

Take care and make care.
Leon and Sue.