Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's Day in the Imaginary Garden

At the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, Kerry asked us to write a poem entirely open to personal interpretation on the theme “Resolutions” and the poem may be reflective, narrative, analytical, or abstract. Oh, I like that. I’ll try to be analytically abstract.

like revolutions
often go 'round and 'round
and the wheel
goes spinning 'round, 'round, 'round
something, something, two hearts are bound...tra la

I resolve to lose weight
on some later date
I resolve to give up
the caffeine in my cup
and the sugar (if real)
on my breakfast oatmeal
and replace them with
unpronounceable chemicals

I resolve to be gracious to all
who might, or who might not, me call
(even my sister, who always starts all
conversations to sound like hog calls)

by Kay Davies, January 1, 2014
"Ain't she sweet?" said the spider to the fly.


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
HEHEH - I've got a sister like that... but anyway. Well done and loved the YEAR sequence too. Wonder what you'll have to show us this year?? Looking forward to it. Much love, YAM xx

kaykuala said...

If resolutions can be revolutionary, it might become territorial. Those with resolutions will turn out to be fighters fighting for a piece of action. Nice thoughts Kay!


Jo said...

Brilliant Kay! I always forget to make resolutions. All I want to do this year is write my book. *sigh* Thanks for your lovely comment on my post about the birds. You described the colors so well and are a fully-fledged (pun intended) Africa birder now! We only have a week before we go out on break to SA and I'm already stressing about leaving our kitties. To cap it all, I know I will worry about little Princess who is in a crucial stage of training and rearing now. Fortunately Michael (askari) is drinking in all I tell and show him concerning the pup while Regina will see to her meals (which are different from the adult yard dogs') May you, Richard and Lindy have a WONDERFUL 2014. Jo

Oman said...

Have a happy new year from my country, the Philippines, to yours. :)

Kim Nelson said...

Resolutions... we all have 'em, don't we. Best of luck with yours in this new year, Kay!

Gattina said...

Great poeme, lol !
I don't even start to think about resolutions
I am always changing my mind and find other solutions !

Marian said...

ha ha your sister does not do that!
love this, Kay. screw making resolutions, i say.
but happy new year! xoxo

Kay said...

You are too too funny, Kay! I'm recycling my resolutions from last year too. Sigh...

James said...

Excellent poem! :-) Happy New Year!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Ha ha, sounds like your sister shares your wicked sense of humor!

Anonymous said...

like the word play association :) ~

Hannah said...

I like the scientific approach in you r first portion taking a look at these words...Nicely done, Kay!

Margaret said...

…on some later date! Ha ha ha

Pealogic said...

Loved the whimsy of the first, agree with the second and wish you luck with the third.

Kerry O'Connor said...

I have secretly recycled last year's resolutions - I'm thinking better luck in 2014.

Hope the year ahead has great things in store, Kay.