Thursday, January 2, 2014

Post-holiday thoughts

All photos used here today are in the public domain,
except the one of Lindy (copyright K. Davies and R. Schear)

holiday leftovers,
two points of view

hmm, we have ham
and we have yam...
let’s build a dam
out of mashed potatoes!
I’ll fry the mashed
and make some hash...
these brussels sprouts
make great torpedoes!
I’m so glad the tree is down
and we took the lights...
let’s have some fights!
to the basement...
in the basement!
this cranberry jelly
looks just like blood!
I hope we don’t flood
with the snow-melt...
I’ll bloody my arm
after you pelt
maybe we should
clear the basement...
me with a sprout
and then I’m out
I’d hate for the lights...
like a light!
to get soggy...
come on, doggy!

by Kay Davies, January, 2014


Marian said...


Dimple said...

I love it! A bit of new year silliness is just what the doctor ordered!

Joyful said...

Happy New Year, Kay!!

I like your little holiday poem. Sounds like you like all the holiday foods that I like and they worked their way into your poem :-)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

No wonder Lindy looks so happy with all that food around. This was a fun read. My "tree" - tiny tho it is - is still up. I like the lights and Cant Yet Deal with the cleaning needed in my little place. Soon......

Kay said...

Your holiday food is quite different from ours, but it sounds delicious. I do like ham. Cutie Lindy!!!