Monday, January 13, 2014

Domestic difficulties in house, not garden

It's Open Link Monday again in the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads. With no prompt or form to guide us, we are on our own, to choose subject, style and level of sincerity.
As I have occasionally been known to do, I've chosen to write a bit of nonsense verse, this time arising out of a visit with our very handy son-in-law and his family yesterday. I asked him to bring a level with him, and to give me his opinion of the floor whose carpet I want to replace with laminate.
He jumped up and down on it, and then...and then...he laughed at me. Or, rather, he laughed at my floor.
Colour of the dog (top)
and colour of the new
flooring (above).
The dining room will
be a struggle with its
ups and downs, but the 
living room is an addition
built on a concrete slab,
so we're hoping the new floor
will go down easier,
and be a lot more fun.
This narrative is all fact,
and is all true, as the
dining room floor is not.
(Yes, pun intended.)
my bucket’s got a hole in it,
my floor is fading fast—
don’t know if the timbers
that are holding it will last
some parts go up
and some go down
so in three places, maybe four
we can see it “crown”
several spots are spongy
and none of them are level
to install new flooring 
will be the very devil
but it’s coming in ten days
and we will try to handle it
with padded underlays
Kay Davies, January 13, 2014                                         


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Lovely slice of life and keeping on the brighter side of it!!

...meanwhile I continue seeking a floor of my own. Off to Dunoon this week.

It just occurs to me that you are at risk of losing Lindy when you lay that new flooring. Be very careful where you walk!!!! YAM xx

Penelope Puddlisms said...

A telling verse! Sounds like the laminate will need to be flexible on a base floor that apparently lifts a little to the ups and downs of a wave. The underlay is a great solution, though, if handled by someone who can see the funny side of the challenging process ahead. :)

Fireblossom said...

Good luck with your Lindy-friendly flooring!

Kay said...

It was very very tricky for us when we put our laminate flooring down. The concrete slab was not level because the addition the previous owner put down was a different height. We had to pour concrete and grade it to a gradual slope. No one notices now, but a ball would always roll backwards.

Pealogic said...

Good luck it's a hateful task, even on level floors.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Padded underlays and perhaps some strategic support beams!!!!! You will love the laminate - Lindy's hair will tuft along the edges and be easy to me, I know these things!

Jim said...

Bumps and dimples plague us all our lives, Kay. We went through that and the installers filled in the dimples. It was all cement slab so it was easier.

One of my college summer jobs was to grind the high spots off a newly paved road. That can be done.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

Good for you.
I find if I sit to try do a poem, just for free, I cannot!
You are so good, my friend!
(ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

kaykuala said...

It'll involve lots of thinking ,work and dust! Gosh,and lots of time too if things get distracted. Good luck Kay!


SquirrelQueen said...

Your verse says it all. Good luck with the flooring, I hope it goes down with no problems.

grapeling said...

Lindy will approve :) ~

Kenia Cris said...

While you speak of the colors and feel, I try to image the smell of new. :)

Kisses Kay!

Phil Slade said...

Good luck with the padded underlays Kay. Very useful for hiding all those minor imperfections. I hope the floor looks better too.

Vandana Sharma said...

the poem flows beautifully,

Margaret said...

…the not so perfect areas - that's what furniture is for. :)

Mara said...

Good luck with the flooring. As long as it's not tilting and making all the furniture tilting as well...