Friday, May 18, 2012

Real Toads: Mary's challenge: points of view

It's bigger than
"I say potato, you say potahto"
in the little house on the corner.
It's two different mindsets,
attempting cohabitation,
but butting heads daily.

One sees work to be started,
the other sees work to be postponed.
One sees the finished product,
the other sees something to be endured.
© Kay Davies photo
opposites attract.
When one is away,
the other is lonely.
Just as with cats:
butting the other with one's head
means "I love you."
Posted for Mary's Mixed Bag at the online writers' group Imaginary Garden with Real Toads.


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Ah, so sweet. I love the comparison to cats butting heads!

Joyful said...

So well put.
I just came through your neck of the woods but no time to stop much along the way. I hope you have a wonderful long weekend. I will be chillaxin and finishing up with my container gardening.

Mary said...

Kay, I love this poem. I absolutely GET it. I think this poem is my favorite of those of yours I have read!

Peggy said...

I love the comparison to the cats butting heads. I always think if I were married to someone too much like me, we might get bored!

Hannah said...

Hmm...this is super familiar!! Ha! Well done and very right on. I wonder if it'd be that way no matter what man it was. Men and women are so very opposite I think. Cool fact on the cat head bumping...I didn't know that, my kitty does that to me now I feel super special! I thought it was sweet any way but now I KNOW it really is!! Thank you for this!

Daydreamertoo said...

Awww this is lovely. Yes, opposites attract and as long as they meet somewhere in the middle and compromise it works.
Loved the pic too :)

Fireblossom said...

I thought it was "la la means I love you"? No? I love this, Kay. We are not so far from cats ourselves, are we? ;-)

Dianne said...

oh that's lovely
and sweet
and real
and the photo is priceless

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I could have sworn I commented here this morning. Am I totally losing it?
I love this one, and especially love the cat head-butting analogy.

Cheryl said...

This is adorable and oh so true!

Laurie Kolp said...

Precious picture! You're spot on, too.

Mama Zen said...

I love the ending. This is just sweet!

Ella said...

I love this one! We had a similar mind set! The photo says it all...
Yours really packs a punch!
Well Done :D

Kerry O'Connor said...

Butting heads means I love you - that's grand!

Scarlet said...

That last line says it all ~

Picture is perfect too ~

Have a great weekend ~

Mystic_Mom said...

Great closing lines, love the photo...and I will tell my DH next time we butt heads it means, "I love you!" cause Kay wrote it so.