Wednesday, May 2, 2012

For Real Toads: on the road

Much has been written, in prose, verse and song, about travel. The prompt for today at the writers' group Imaginary Garden with Real Toads is "On the Road". As I ostensibly write a travel blog (not so's you'd notice any more) you'd think all manner of eloquence would come to mind, but nothing did, except my usual doggerel.

On the Road
Sometimes we’re on the road in our car
Sometimes we’re in the air
But we’re seeing the world,
Now that we can.
We’re seeing the world
When our health will allow,
And enjoying
As much as we can.
The people we meet
When we’re on the road
Are much like the people at home,
But they’ve seen other things
And done other things
And know other things
We don’t know.
So we talk and we learn
And we laugh and learn more
On far foreign shores, on the road.

Photos from our Galapagos Islands trip, the first of our world travels. Photos by Richard Schear, Kay Davies and Karina Lopez.


Karen said...

The best part of travelling is the people you meet!

Anonymous said...

I like this section:

"But they’ve seen other things
And done other things
And know other things
We don’t know"

Kay said...

I'm glad we got to meet you and Dick on one of your travels. You guys sure do travel a whole lot more than we do and I love seeing those posts.

Kerry O'Connor said...

How grand it is to have the freedom of the open road, to travel to interesting lands and appreciate that time spent with a loved one.

Helen said...

Traveling to foreign lands is one of the best ways to acquire education, an understanding of other cultures, to get in touch with oneself ... loved your poem!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wonderful to be able to travel, Kay!

shawnacy said...

stanza three has a serious Dr. Seuss vibe. ...a children's book in the making? :)

Hannah said...

Oh, I like your's not about the road but about the people on the road that we meet! Cheers!

Margaret said...

Wonder of wonders if the whole world would embrace this philosophy. No more wars, just traveling and learning! ... one can dream.

Heaven said...

How wonderful to travel and meet the same souls and share for a moment in their journeys ~ Thanks for sharing your travels ~

Lolamouse said...

I'd love to see the Galapagos! I agree with your poem that the people you meet are pretty much the same everywhere, but it is a lot of fun getting to know them (usually!)

Mary said...

Good for you for being 'on the road' as much as you possibly can. To travel is to live large!