Wednesday, May 16, 2012

ABC Wednesday: the letter R

R is for Railings in Romantic Hawaii. R is for Rocks, and Roots, and Really Beautiful trees.
R is also for Returning home, which I'll be doing tomorrow, after a week of Rare sunny Spring weather on Canada's wet west coast!

Posted for the letter R in Mrs. Nesbitt's alphabetic meme
ABC Wednesday


Fran said...

Lovely Hawaii is somewhere I have always wanted to visit (too many episodes of Hawaii 50 when I was a kid!). The rain keeps coming here on the east coast of the UK. xxx

Ann said...

I hope someday to vist REALLY beautiful Hawaii. Gorgeous photo.

Roger Owen Green said...

Can't wait until I FINALLY get to Hawaii!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Powell River Books said...

You came at a good time. We had some wonderful warm spring weather this week. Wayne and I spent three days up at the cabin as a part of filming episode for the US TV Travel Channel. Now the weather has turned cloudy and cool again. So fickle. - Margy

Berowne said...

Nice trip to Pineapple-land. Thanks.

Kay said...

It's so much fun for me to see photos of Hawaii that other people take.

Hannah said...

Oh, that looks like a pleasant place to be!