Sunday, May 6, 2012

For Real Toads: the florette form

At the online writers’ group Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, Kerry introduced us this weekend to a poetic form called the florette, a form created by Jan Turner for its delicacy of rhyme and meter, thus:
Ruthlessly eschewing delicacy and even grammar, I have created the following florette, full of sound but dreary, signifying nothing much.
A child's bedtime
a florette with petals removed, by Kay L. Davies © 2012
hidden beneath a tale should be
something a dreaming child can see,
so leave her with a cheerful thought
or you may rue what you have wrought unknowingly.
no monster stories late at night
to give a little girl a fright:
let her have her lighthearted dreams
full of flowery girlish schemes, which plan she might.


To read other poems in the florette form, written by serious, dedicated poets, please visit the Garden.


Kerry O'Connor said...

I thought these were two lovely stanzas, cleverly working in the theme of flowers. Very much enjoyed by this reader. The rhyme and meter looks effortless in your hands.

Other Mary said...

This is lovely Kay. Sorry I haven't been around much...was under the weather, but ready to get back to the garden (hmmm...that should be in a song, lol)

Marian said...

oh, i love this one, kay, so very lyrical and tender. love! and especially the rhyme and meter of "unknowingly," kudos!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Beautiful! Your meter and rhyme are spot-on. I am intimidated by this form, which you executed so well.

Susie Clevenger said...

Delightful advice managed to perfection in the form...and yes we don't need little girls with nightmares :)

Mary said...

Not dreary at all, Kay! Nicely done. And yes, give those little girls good dreams for as long as possible!

Mystic_Mom said...

These would be so sweet as a child's book, with water color paintings! I love them. You did something really special here.

hedgewitch said...

I like this a lot--I really am very impressed with how sweetly it flows. It reminds me of those samplers girls used to do back in the 'old days.'

Anonymous said...

these are soooo nursery rhymes, but more sophisticated.

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Heaven said...

I like your flower offerings...very nice and cheerful to read this dreary Monday morning ~

aka Penelope said...

I really enjoyed this little rhyme with a creatively written hint of wisdom. Nicely done and with a lot of truth to the prose.

Cad said...

Keep it cozy for the kiddies, eh? :)