Friday, November 9, 2012

Wildlife challenge from Hannah

Today, at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, Hannah has offered us the following challenge: 
"Hi! It’s Hannah with your fourth round of ecoregion exploration and a call to stretch your poet-voices to express the point of view of wildlife that inhabits the Temperate Forest."

The following is my response to this timely challenge.

Douglas Fir
Wikipedia photo

Wikipedia Photo
Shore Pine
Wikipedia Photo

in the woods
and by the sea
I saw the trees
and the birds

and it was good

on my first day

I held the birds
and saw the people
with their weapons
of mass destruction

and it was bad

on my very last day

Lodgepole Pine, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia
Kay L. Davies, 2012

Bald Eagle © Christian Sasse photo, British Columbia, Canada


Sherry Blue Sky said...

This really hits home, Kay. Excellent!

Unknown said...

The contrast between good and bad. So simple. So powerful.

Grace said...

Nice contrast of the first and last day ~ Good one Kay ~

Kerry O'Connor said...

Sherry took the words out of my mouth. It hits home alright. So sad that we have the ability to see the writing on the wall but choose to ignore it anyway.

Margaret said...

The whole world is guilty of this! Yes, it really is simple. We must cherish what we were given, not destroy it. Lovely.

Hannah said...

Oh, yes...the brevity and directness is so very striking...very well captured indeed.

Thank you Kay, for transforming this Friday...I enjoyed this. :)

Anonymous said...

Kay, this was a punch to the gut, in a very positive way. We are on a precipice, and humankind is on warning. If we don't stop war, if we don't embrace the natural state of peace (as shown us by all creatures and wild growth), we are... well, we're screwed! Sorry to be so blunt... Loved your wording and the honesty of the piece. Amy

Misty DawnS said...

Wow. Very moving post, Kay.

Susie Clevenger said...

This strikes my heart. What beauty man has destroyed with his weapons.

hedgewitch said...

Sums it all up, indeed. None are so blind as those who won't see, but we keep worrying about our cars and our jobs and forgetting about our planet and our future.

Susan said...

Pow! A direct and simply effective hit. Mass destruction as simple as an oil spill, as complex as increased need for fuel and bad air and waste, waste, waste.