Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rather late, or very early, for Monday

I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,
John Masefield, 1878-1967

Viking River Cruises photo

I'm not sure what kind of condition my condition will be in on Monday, or whether we'll be fixed up with internet access, so I'm linking this to the Nov. 5 edition of Open Link Monday at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads (only a couple of days late).

There's a tip of my hat to Thursday, too, as I think about how much I enjoyed Hootin' Anni's recently-defunct musical meme, Thursday Theme Song. You can tell how much I miss it if you read the following "letter".

Mara, left, and friend
Dear Jack:
You asked for details about our next travels, so here we go.
The way things work in my life, it doesn’t matter if I’ve been sick since Easter or not, it’s just a matter of time before I hit the road again because my dearly-beloved is healthy once more and has found such-a-deal on an off-season voyage to Somewhere.
Wil with her
Australian grandchildren
Somewhere, in this instance, is actually several somewheres, and we aren’t really going by road. We’re leaving on a jet plane on Sunday, and meeting up with a couple of blogger friends at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport (Mara, from the northern Netherlands, and Wil, from farther south, near Rotterdam) when we land on Monday.
We plan to have lunch with them, and then, within a few days we’ll be rollin' on the river through Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary.
Restaurant on the
Viking Danube
It should be an exciting trip. We’ve been told we might maybe perhaps get to visit Germany’s oldest restaurant to eat sausage on a roll with sweet mustard but, if we can’t get in there, I know three lovely meals per day will be provided onboard the Viking Danube all the way from embarkation in Amsterdam to debarkation in Budapest.
Of course, there’s a good possibility I won’t be going on any shore excursions at all if my misnamed “health” doesn’t smarten up. Walking halfway through the local mall this afternoon wore me out, so I can’t imagine walking through large museums and/or hilltop castles.
Meanwhile, we’ve been commissioned by a relative to find German football (soccer) jerseys, possibly made by the elves in the Black Forest, and perhaps intended to be worn with liederhosen next Hallowe’en. I know nothing about European soccer, and even less about shopping in the German language.
Manchester v Amsterdam
(I don't know which is who)
How much shopping I manage to do is a subject for serious conjecture and, on my part, considerable fretting, because I've pretty much promised I'll do my best to find the items requested.
Ah, well, I’m sure I’ll enjoy the European scenery whether I see it as I wander around, shopping, or as I sit aboard ship, sipping hot chocolate, and happy to be out of the brisk November weather.
So, have a good time in our absence, and we'll be thinking of you.
Luv, Kay


Jo said...

Oh you go and have SUCH a good time, Kay. Happy travels, be safe and we'll miss you till you return. Hugs Jo


Awwwww, that was one terrific post dear Kay!!! [I know what you mean about not having a Theme Song post to do...I miss it terribly. But, this time of year, and for some reason, especially this year....I find hardly any time to do a blog post.

I really enjoyed this and hope that maybe you would take over the idea of a song meme sometime?!!! *hint

Mara said...

There's always the internet, where you can buy everything you want! Or you could get some Dutch football jerseys: Ajax is from Amsterdam!!

See you on Monday

Daryl said...

i hope you so called 'health' has improved enough for you to enjoy this trip...

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Have a fabulous time -- even if you're watching the scenery from the deck....sounds wonderful.

Phil said...

Enjoy your lazy river trip Kay. Sounds like some very interesting places to visit. UK soon I hope.

Kay said...

How WONDERFUL, Kay! Lucky you! I can't believe Dick is already so recuperated. You're going to have such a fabulous time. We have our sights on China next year. :-)