Friday, November 2, 2012

SkyWatch Friday: Lindy in sunshine

Some time ago (years, not months) I thought I might like to be a guest host on SkyWatch Friday, so I chose my favorite Lindy-and-sky photo to use.
I never did make the commitment to guest hosting, so the photo and accompanying paragraph have been sitting in a file on my desktop for quite a while.

© Richard Schear photo

Of all the SkyWatch pictures my intrepid photographer has taken for my blog, this is my favorite. My husband (aka Intrepid Photographer, aka Richard Schear) was walking our dog, Lindy, at the coulee not far from our house when he captured this scene.
I can see a cartoon-style dog cloud in the turquoise part of the sky on the left, and I can also see dark storm-clouds trying to chase away the white clouds in the center and on the right.
What looks like a path (above the rocks to the right of Lindy’s nose) is actually a track made by animals, probably by the herds of sure-footed mule deer, or perhaps coyotes, or even pronghorn antelope, Dick and Lindy meet on their walks.

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Jo said...

Kay, what a stunningly special photo of Lindy-and-sky. And what a beautiful photo by Richard. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend. (((hugs)))Jo

Kerry O'Connor said...

This really is a beautiful picture taken on a glorious day with a golden-haired model. Perfect!

Dimple said...

Wonderful shot, Kay, I'm glad you posted it. If I hold my head just right, I can even see the cartoon dog!

Fireblossom said...

Yes! Yes! I see the cartoon dog!

Lindy looks so happy, bless her. This is such a neat post, Kay.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Such a beautiful place for a walk!

joy said...

Nice photo and lovely companion you have:)

Powell River Books said...

I love how happy Lindy looks. Maybe the green grass and blue sky had something to do with it. - Margy