Sunday, November 25, 2012

Succinctly yours: baby, backpack, bike

Photo posted as prompt at Grandma's Goulash

Each week, over at her Grandma's Goulash blog, Grandma posts a photo to inspire writers to compose a short story of 140 words, or a short-short story of 140 characters including spaces and punctuation.
I always like to try for the 140-character-count, and I also like to use The Word of the Week, which Grandma's daughter Calico chooses before she has seen the photo.

Here, in red, is my submission of 140 characters, containing the word backbone, to go with the photo above:

Roberto was willing to put up with the pain in his backbone for the sake of carrying his small son, plus a backpack, safely on his bicycle.

Of course, when Roberto gets his driver's licence back, there's no telling what he'll... no, seriously, folks, I am always terrified by those nylon-covered baby trailers people pull behind their bikes. A speeding tailgater will hit the baby trailer first, I'm sure. Of course, I could be wrong, but they scare me out of what wits I have left. This looks like a nice sturdy baby rig, though, especially for riding on cobblestones. (Not as bad as walking on them, either.)


anthonynorth said...

Yes, they certainly look scary to me. Nice one.

Lady In Read said...

:) loved the submission and i get what you are saying. the baby trailers terrify me as well:)
and now i am tempted to do a 140 character submission as well.. mine is 140 words this time;)

Jim said...

I'm with you, Kay. People have to be very careful riding with young ones on the bike. We never rode on streets except to cross or very empty ones like side streets.

We still have the yellow rig. Our little one is now 38 years old.

Judy SheldonWalker said...

You have a point there. We used to take our oldest two on bike rides & then picnic.

What scares me is convertibles with the tops down - but then how much protection is a rag top if it rolls?

Daryl said...

clever ..

hope you are feeling better!